Thrifty Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal~ORC

It's reveal day for Calling It Home's One Room Challenge!
For the last six weeks I've been giving my bathroom a compete makeover.
I have to tell you I am thrilled with the results!

The room used to be very dark and kind of dreary.
It's now so light and bright.
I smile every time I walk by.

A new hand towel hangs next to the sink.
Above the towel I hung this little metal deer head.
It was originally part of a wreath holder, but I took it apart and just kept the little deer.

Above the door I propped up a little chalkboard I've had for years.
I like that it has a galvanized metal frame to tie in with other metals in the room.
I am horrible at chalkboard lettering, so I just used stickers for now.

The vanity used to be "orangey" oak and the mirror frame was plastic, but I updated them and tied them together using chalkpaint. You can read more about it here and here.
I also replaced our broken toilet paper holder with this cute metal basket which I gave a mini makeover you can read about here.

Now let's keep moving around the room....

I hung a gray and white striped shower curtain.
In between each thick stripe is a tiny metallic gray stripe, which is such a cute detail.

Above the toilet I hung this cubby/shelf.
We're never running out of toilet paper in this room!
The middle row has little metal buckets from Target's dollar spot.
They were shiny, but I soaked them in vinegar to age them.
I'm thinking I might put some faux succulents in the pots.
The top cubbies are filled with vintage marmalade jars and a reproduction apothecary bottle.

I decided to use plain gray bath towels because a pattern would look too busy next to the striped shower curtain and the subway art.

I've had the subway art for years.
It fits nicely in the room.
Although to be honest I'll probably replace it with something else down the road.

And now we're back to the door.
I wanted to try to give you a complete view of the whole room.
It's not easy taking photos in a small bathroom!

I adore before and after shots!
The dark blue walls are now bright and white. 

The cheap looking mirror now looks like it's meant to be in the room.

The dated oak vanity gets a fresh new look with paint and handles.

White and soft grays brighten the room.
A lot of you have told me that you have bathroom's that have this same lay out.
I am hoping you decide to tackle a makeover in your bathroom too!
 I assure you it was really not too much work and very little money.

Sources for the room (some of this stuff I've had for years)
Shower Curtain: Marshall's
Subway Art: Homegoods
Deer head: Pier 1
Cubby: Target
Gray Towels: Target
White & Gray hand towel: Marshall's
Rug: Kohl's
Hand Soap: World Market
Toilet Paper Metal Basket: Walmart
Wood Vase: Home Decorators
Cabinet Handles: Lowe's
Chalkboard: Kirkland's
Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White
Vanity Paint: Home Depot Rustoleum Chalked paint in Aged Gray

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Farmhouse Accessories for the Bathroom~ORC

Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge, where we have six weeks to make over
 a room in our home.
Even though my guest bathroom is getting a whole new look, it doesn't mean that I'm buying a whole lot of new stuff.
I'm trying to use a lot of things that I already have.
I plan on hanging this cubby/wall shelf above the toilet and I'll fill it with some vintage goodies.
I'll play around with different arrangements until I find the look I like best. 

I've had this subway art for several years. I still like it a lot and the colors work nicely in the room.
I plan on hanging it above the towel bar.
The other two items are things I'm considering for above the towel hook next to the sink.
 I'll just have to hold things up and see how they look.

I did buy a new striped shower curtain and some gray towels for the room.
Because let's face it, towels and shower curtains can get pretty dingy looking after a while.
I'd better hurry up and take the curtain out of the package and make sure I like it!

Remember the farmhouse style toilet paper holder I showed you last week?
Well, I was having some issues with my computer and didn't get to show you the makeover I gave it.

I didn't like how shiny the metal basket was, so I started the makeover by 
spraying it with gray primer. 
Once that dried, I brushed on metallic acrylic paint.
 I think it looks more like galvanized metal now, which I prefer over the look of the shiny metal. 
It now has more of a farmhouse vibe, reminiscent of a vintage locker basket.

I'm so excited to show you the whole room put together next week!

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Painted Oak Vanity~ORC

We are on week 4 (out of 6) of Call It Home's One Room Challenge.
I have been working on transforming our dark, outdated, guest bathroom into a light, beautiful space.

Our bathroom used to have this outdated,"orangey" oak vanity and broken toilet paper holder.....

Now it is a lovely shade of gray.
I think it has such a fresh, new look.
I get giddy every time I walk by this room now!
I used chalk paint on the piece, you can read more about it here.
Since that post I have used matte polyurethane on the mirror and vanity to protect them from water.

I decided to replace the toilet paper holder with this metal basket.
I think it gives the room a fun, farmhouse vibe and it will coordinate nicely with other galvanized pieces going into the room.

The mirror in the bathroom used to have a white plastic frame.
I'd like a new mirror eventually, but I haven't found the right one yet.

So for now I painted the mirror to match the vanity and I think it looks great!
Painting plastic is not easy though.
You aren't supposed to have to sand things before using chalk paint, but I wish I would have.
The paint barely stuck on the mirror so I had to do many, many, layers until the paint built up and I had the coverage I needed.

I also added some simple handles to the cabinet doors.
I think handles add so much to a plain piece!
I was originally going to add knobs to the (fake) drawer front, but changed my mind.
I think they'd just get in the way when people are trying to brush their teeth and wash their hands.

When I mentioned in my last post how nervous I was about drilling holes in my cabinet Sam @
Away She Went said I should get "one of those plastic guide things that help when drilling holes in cabinets".
Then I remembered "oh yeah, I have one of those in my garage!" .
It made the job so much easier! Thank you Sam!

The room is really starting to come together now and it's going to look even better with some rugs on the floor and art on the walls!

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Vanity & Mirror progress~ORC

It's week three of the One Room Challenge~half way!
I thought I would be finished painting the vanity and mirror, but then my husband surprised me and asked if I wanted to go to Corpus Christi for the weekend.
 We've never been and our family loves the beach so of course I said "yes!".

But I have made a lot of progress.
I'm painting the vanity and mirror with a new chalk paint from Rust-oleum that I found
at Home Depot.
 It was only $16.97 a can. I was paying almost $40 for a can the same size, of the
 Annie Sloan chalk paint.
 My Home Depot only carries it in three colors right now.

The reason I love using chalk paint is because if you mess up, like this spot on the mirror, you can sand it down until it's smooth and paint over it and you can't even tell the difference.

I'm almost finished with the vanity. I just need to touch up a few spots and then 
seal it with some polyurethane.

I bought some simple hardware for the vanity. Handles and knobs add so much to a plain cabinet. Although I am dreading drilling holes in the vanity.
 It makes me so nervous!

Remember the broken toilet paper holder?

I picked up this basket for the side of the vanity to use as a non-traditional toilet paper holder.
I promise the vanity and mirror will be complete next week!

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Week 2: Painting the walls
Week 1: Before photos and room plan

Painting The Guest Bathroom~ORC

So it's week 2 of the One Room Challenge @ Calling It Home where we have 6 weeks to make over a room in our home.
To be honest this week is pretty boring, but it's part of the process.
Our guest bathroom started out a dark shade of blue, since the room has no windows it was very dark in there.

I started out with a coat of primer.
You can see why I didn't bother to watermark any of these photos. :)

I then used two coats of Benjamin Moore Simply White.
I love the color, but I do have a complaint. 
BM paint is more expensive and is supposed to be better quality.
I primed the walls, bought paint that supposedly has primer in it and painted two coats and I think I'm still going to give it one more coat.
So that's a bummer, but it is a lovely shade of white.

The room is SO much brighter!!!
My teenage son even noticed!
Light, white and bright is wonderful!!
Definitely worth the ickiness of all that painting.

What's next?
Painting the cabinet and mirror gray using chalk paint.
I'll tell you all about it next week!

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Guest Bathroom Makeover Plans~ORC

Hello there!
For those of you that don't know our family moved into our home in Austin, Texas in July.
Most of the rooms in the house had been painted very dark colors which isn't my style at all.
I have been slowly, but surely working on re-doing all of the rooms in the house. Fun!
When I heard it was time once again for Calling It Home's One Room Challenge I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give me the kick in the pants needed to get a room completed!

I decided to give our guest bathroom a complete makeover.
We're going to have house guests this summer and I love the idea of it looking pretty for our guests.
Here is how the bathroom looked in the real estate listing.
It's cute, but it looks like it is meant for a little boy.

There are no windows in here and the paint color makes the room so dark.
I definitely want to lighten up the space.
I'm hoping some creamy white walls will do the trick.

The orange oak vanity is outdated and just not pretty.
I plan to paint it and add handles and knobs.
The toilet paper holder is constantly breaking, so I need to come up with a solution for that.

I'd like to find a new mirror for above the vanity.
But if I can't find one that I like, I will paint the frame to match the vanity.

A new shower curtain, rugs, artwork and accessories and I think we'll have a whole new space!
So here is a look at my plans for the room.
Lighter, brighter and it has the cottage style that I adore.
I have 6 weeks to get this done....wish me luck!

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Bluebonnets, Blog Design, and more....

Hey y'all! Long time no talk!
Three whole months without blogging. I think that is a record for me.
Two moves in two years just had me needing a break.
But I'm ready and excited to jump back on the horse.

I also started homeschooling my youngest and I needed some time to totally focus 
on that and get us in a groove.
Happily I can report that it is going very well and we are both happy with the change.

It is bluebonnet season in Texas and it is one of my favorite times of the year!
On Easter I made the boys pose for photos for me. They weren't happy about it, but let me snap a few.
All kinds of wildflowers are blooming around the state, the sun is out, but the temperatures are mild  it is a such a lovely time.

What else have I been up to?
I asked my BFF Sarah to whip up a makeover for my blog.
I wanted something very streamlined, but still show my love of cottage decor and I think we nailed it.
I look forward to sharing more info on my friend Sarah soon.

Some of you may remember we moved to North Austin this summer and although I've taken a break from blogging I have been hard at work on the house and yard.
So I have lots of fun before and afters to share with you. 
See you soon!