My Easter Mantel

I don't know why but I usually find myself decorating with the color lavender at Easter time.
Instead of pinks and blues and yellows.

I found a lavender plant at the nursery and it is full of buds, but hasn't bloomed yet so I ended up
 using faux lavender.
The lavender candles are from World Market and I added them to my mantel.

I made a simple banner using scrapbook paper and stencils and painted the eggs in the nest
so they would pop.

I tied some lavender ribbon around my bunnies neck and placed a lavender egg in a cream egg cup.

I pulled in some chairs from the living room.

The gray and purple pillows are from World Market and I looooove them!!

For fun I decided to switch out the "fancy" chairs and try out my Kubu chairs.
Not sure which I like better!

I love having a festive mantel! It really helps me get excited for holidays.
I'm so looking forward to dying Easter eggs with my youngest son for the first time this year.

I've had this concrete bunny for about 9 years and a couple of weeks ago his nose fell off.
Poor bunny! :(

Happy Easter!

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My Easter Living Room

Hello friends!
We are about to start another week and I pray that yours is filled with peace and blessings.

I decided to try something that I've seen other bloggers do. I pulled some ruffly pillows from my bed and placed them on my couch for a romantic, shabby chic look.
And I'm sure you've noticed the super adorable burlap bunny pillow!
When I saw it on Kristen's blog, Ella Claire,  I had to have it and I stalked her Etsy shop constantly
 until it was listed.

Next I put together a little Easter vignette for my coffee table.
I found the vintage style bunnies last Spring and felt they were something that I could use year after year without getting tired of them.

I store my Easter eggs in this egg basket throughout the year, so it was easy to plop the basket on the table.

Fresh pink flowers round things out.

Simple and cute!

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High End ~ Low End

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If you've been reading my blog for very long you know I love a good bargain! I try to never pay full price for things and when I find something I love that is too pricey I love to find (or make) a knock off.

Check out this light from Restoration Hardware. Their 14" pendant is $425 and their 17" pendant is $475.
In contrast a similar style 14" pendant from World Market is only $79.99.

Now these two sconces aren't quite as similar as the lighting shown above, but I think their style is still pretty close, especially if you were to paint the brown sconce gray and white.
Now the sconce from Restoration Hardware Baby is electric and not too bad at the sale price of $89.99.
(it is so pretty!)
Kirkland's candle sconce is a bargain at $29.99.

This is not a sponsored post, just a strange habit I have in my spare time. ;)

p.s. We're shopping for a new mattress. Do you have any recommendations?

A Happy Headboard

Once upon a time I wanted to build myself a headboard, but I was too nervous to start from scratch.
 So, I got the "brilliant" idea to buy a simple, cheap headboard off of Craigslist and build onto it.
The problem is my husband is 6'9" and so we have a California King mattress.
 It is very difficult to find a Cal. King headboard on Craigslist.
 The end.

Just kidding....I finally found this one. I can't find the before photos I took, so here is one from the listing. After having the headboard sit around for two years I came to the conclusion that that it would be too difficult (for me) to add onto this piece because there are too many raised panels and trim.

So I did the next best thing and painted it white. Beautiful, glorious, pure white chalk paint.
I do love this color! Paint really transforms, doesn't it?

I lightly distressed the piece and sealed it with furniture wax. 
Want a little education?
A Cal. King mattress is longer and more narrow than a king sized.
Cal. King is 72"W and 84"L and a regular King is 76"W and 80"L.
You learned something today....Yay!!!!!

I actually plan to sell the headboard though, so if you are in the Houston area and are interested let me know. :) I am finally going to attempt to build my dream headboard...from scratch.

BTW...can you believe this totally cute lamp and lampshade came from Walmart? 
The lamp looks like wood, but it isn't. I think it is made of resin? 
It comes from their Better Homes and Gardens brand. They also have a floor lamp I am totally diggin'

Before I go, I have to show you these flowers my hubby brought home for me...for no reason!
They aren't something I ever would have chosen, but I LOVE them!!
The vibrant colors remind me of the Pharrell song Happy.
If you haven't heard the song go to youtube right now!!
You can't help but be happy when listening to Happy.
Ok, have a happy, happy, happy weekend peeps! It's my Birthday so I know mine will be! :)

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My Latest Yard Sale Find

Long time no blog post!
I only posted one time last month and I don't think that has ever happened before!
Things have been busy and good.
I have found a new (wonderful) way to buy and sell things.
It is a facebook yard sale site that is just for my town.
Unlike Craiglist that covers a huge geographical area.

I have mostly been selling things on the site.
But, when I saw these shelves for only $20.00, I knew I had to have them!
I thought it was going to be much smaller, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how tall and sturdy
 it was.

(The beautiful sign is from The House Of Belonging.)
I am using it to hold and organize school supplies, but just for fun I staged it for you guys.
I pulled all kinds of white dishes out of my cupboards.
The dishes are from thrift stores, Walmart, 99 cents store etc.
I'm really fancy when it comes to dishes. ;)

I just love it when something is both practical and beautiful!
My mom is the same way.
I know she would love this too.
Although she'd prefer it in white. (Hi, Mom!)

Have you found any great deals lately?
Anything both useful and beautiful?

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Around my place: Winter decor

As much as I like decorating for Christmas, I was really sick of all of it by the end of December and was eager for simpler, less cluttered, rooms.

I just thought I'd let you get a glimpse of what my home looks like right now.

I left out this little evergreen tree reasoning it was winter decor, but now that January is over and we are well into February it is bugging me and will go up to the attic soon.

Our entry table full of library books and my youngster's blue Crocs peaking from our shoe basket.

My favorite thing right now is this "baby it's cold outside" print.
It is from the Dear Lillie shop, but is currently sold out.

I'm done talking and I am just going to let you browse. :)

p.s. I've been getting some comments about my blue armoire, if you'd like to see the 
before and after post it is here. :)

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DIY Pedestal

January has been a fun month  for me.
I've been trying to finish up projects that have been sitting around the house waaaay too long.

Last year I bought this really thick candle stick from Ikea intending to make it into a pedestal and I finally made that happen.
I bought a wood disc from the craft store for the top.

First I measured to find the center of the disc and then traced the candle stick 
so I would know where to glue it.
I used Gorilla Crazy glue to attach the candle stick to the wood disc.

The disc I bought had a hole in it for making it into a clock face, so I just used
 some putty and filled the hole in.
Next I painted the disc black and sanded down the candle stick lightly so paint would adhere to it easier.
You also could just prime the whole thing, but I didn't have any primer around.

I painted the whole thing gray to start with.

Next I started dry brushing white paint on.
I wanted to show you how bad it looks at this point. 
You have to play with it quite a bit to get it looking how you want.

Finally I liked the amount of white on the piece.
I had to wipe down my brush quite a bit so the white coat went on very lightly.

I could have just left it as it was, but I wanted to add a bit of depth to the piece so I mixed some black acrylic paint with furniture wax and then rubbed it all over the pedestal.

Here is a closer look at how the darkened wax changed the look of the piece.
I think it looks a bit like zinc.
Finally I sprayed poly on the pedestal.

The completed pedestal!
So it is finally finished, now what do I do with this thing?

Hmmmm, any suggestions?

School was cancelled today because the roads are so icy in Houston...please help!
Just kidding!
I love it when my kiddos are home. :)
Stay safe and warm my pretties.

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