Vintage Tobacco Tin

Last spring Courtney from French Country Cottage shared an old tobacco tin that she 
found in a thrift store.
(p.s. her photos are much better than mine!)
 I became obsessed with it. I mean it was instant l.o.v.e. 
So I spent hours and hours scouring Ebay until I found a couple.
 They weren't selling for thrift store prices, but they weren't outrageous either, so I went for it.

(It is white even though it has a yellowish hue in this photo)
I love the script and the design...just everything!
Well, I wish it was a tin for something a little more wholesome than tobacco, but you 
know what I mean. ;)

As much as I love my tin, since we moved this summer, it has just been sitting in our garage.
 I really need to find a special spot for it in my home so I can gaze at it daily!

I just love old stuff! Don't you? :)

Our Christmas Tree & Family Room 2014

Getting our tree this year ended up being a bit of an ordeal.
I decided I was done with the bother of live trees and I wanted a fake tree with the
 lights already on it.
I wanted one that looked real and I didn't want to spend very much money.
 So after much searching I found the perfect tree. turns out it was sold out EVERYWHERE! So I had to start over. I finally found one I like (but don't love). 
But our home just didn't feel like Christmas without a tree so I'm glad to finally have one.

Last year I decorated my tree with a woodland theme and my kids hated it!
 They really missed all our Santa and snowmen ornaments and truth be told I did too. 
So I wasn't going to make that mistake this year!
 I bought some new plaid ribbon for the tree (which I love) and some red berries and then piled on all our old, wonderful, family ornaments.

Lots of snowmen and Santa's!

A couple of years ago I scored a bunch of vintage ornaments at the thrift store for only
 50 cents a piece! I love them too!

Our tree is in our family room next to the fireplace so we can enjoy it every night. 
If you'd like to see more of our fireplace mantel click here.
I didn't realize the star at the top of our tree was a little wonky until editing photo's and I just decided to go with it.
I let my kids decorate the tree and then when they are at school I just redistribute the ornaments because there is a lot of clumping. :)

 This side of the room is difficult to photograph because of the huge windows.

See the framed print?

Here's a closer look.
I ordered a wonderful print from Lemonade Makin' Mama and she was so sweet and gifted me with this wonderful print as well.
I love it!

Let's move over to my lumpy couch!
I threw some festive pillows on there for you, but usually the pillows get thrown off and we are sprawled all over it watching TV together.

The other day we watched Elf and it's the first time my 5 year old really watched it and he loved it!
 It made the funny parts even funnier as we watched him crack up.
He especially loved the very looooong burp after Buddy drinks soda!

I've admired this deer print for a long time, but they wanted almost $60.00 for it (no thank you).
It got marked down 75% because it has a crack in it.
I was thrilled! It is a rustic piece anyway so I don't mind the crack.

In front of the deer is a vintage red tool box.

I've decided I'm done decorating!
I have a cookie exchange tomorrow with some lovely ladies from my church, the Kindergarten Christmas party on Friday and then my kids are out of school and I plan on just 
enjoying the holiday with them. 
We're going to make fudge and watch Christmas movies and drive around looking at lights while listening to Christmas music.
 Lots of fun family times ahead!

I'll still be checking in on Istagram though. Thanks for stopping by!

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Christmas Home Tour 2014

We just moved into this house in June and so this is my first Christmas getting to decorate our large stone fireplace.
What a treat to decorate this mantel!
Our tree is now up next to the fireplace, but I still need to take pictures.
If you'd like to see more of any of the rooms just click on the highlighted room name and you will be taken there.

 Yay! Our Christmas tree is finally up and it makes our whole family so happy .
We put it up in our family room so we can enjoy it every evening!

When I decorated our entry way for Christmas I wanted to keep the look very simple with cottage style, so I just added some fun rustic vintage items.

My dad built the bench for me many years ago, so it is very special.

Right across from the entry way is our living room and it also has  simple cottage style.

You may have noticed I kind of have a thing for deer.
I seem to add more and more each year.

I love our dining room for Christmas, but to be honest we have never used this room!
I hope to have friends over in 2015 and break it in!

Years ago I took this picture of a deer on a snowy day and I recently had in blown up into an engineer print for the dining room.

Last year I painted these unfinished ornaments red and hung them on the the tree.
 I decided to recycle/reuse them this year, but painted them gray and used them as napkin rings.

I can't believe there are only 10 days until Christmas! Eeek!
I wanted to decorate more, bit I'm leaning toward just sitting back and enjoying the 
rest of the season. 
We'll see :)

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My Christmas Living Room 2014

I almost didn't decorate my living room for Christmas this year.
Since moving into this house I haven't had a chance to touch this room.
No rug, art, paint...nothing.
But it's the first room you see when you walk in the door and I couldn't stand it being bare a moment longer!
So I decided to just do a very simple, clean, cottage Christmas.

I'm so happy that I did!
Christmas doesn't have to be overdone and complicated to feel festive.

I pulled out my favorite grain sack style reindeer pillow that I found last year.
I love having a room in soft whites, grays and soft's very serene.

I placed a fresh tree in a birch bark pot.
I found this deer at Big Lots, it had a wreath around its neck, but I removed it.
I chose this deer because it has such a sweet face.
I'm a little obsessed with deer.

I have two of the wooden white reindeer and I've had them for well over ten years.
I enjoy moving them around from room to room over the years.

On the other end table is this cloche I found at Marshall's.
I picked up the deer ornament from Kohl's and created a tiny woodland for her.

I wanted to take a photo for you guys without the glare of the glass. 
I used a tiny Christmas tree and a glittered mushroom and this cool variety of moss 
from World Market.

So there you have it. My Christmas living room for 2014.
I actually kind of love the sweet simplicity, but I'm hoping next year the room looks very different. :)

How about a little trip down memory lane?
(click the year and it will take you to that post)

My Christmas Dining Room 2014

I've heard of a blue Christmas, but have you ever heard of a gray Christmas?
Me either.
But, guess what?
Now you have!

I decided rather than decorate the room for Christmas from scratch I would try to use a lot of things that are always in the room.
Hence a gray themed Christmas dining room.

Last year I bought some unfinished wood deer ornaments and painted them red for the woodland style Christmas tree I did last year.
I decided to re-use them this year, but paint them gray and use them as a napkin ring.

I keep this raw book bowl in my dining room filled with dried lavender bundles.
For Christmas I filled it with greens, candles and sparkly acorn ornaments.

I also keep these topiary trees on my table all the time.
When I found them at Tuesday Morning their pots were a shiny apple green.
I layered on white and French linen chalk paint to give them a softer look that matched my room.

Back when I lived in Illinois I took this photo of a deer on a snowy day.
I thought it would be perfect art for the dining room.
I had Staples blow it up as an engineer print (less than $4.00!).
I then built a simple wood frame using cheap garden stakes to wrap the paper around.
I totally stink at building things so my frame ended up all wonky and my paper didn't go on evenly, so I ended up painting the edges of the print to cover this up. 

I love the deer art, but wish I had gone one side larger.
(next time!)

Just in case anyone is side chairs are from World Market and my end chairs 
are from Marshall's.

Before we even moved into this house I ran out and bought a beautiful gray French style chandelier.
One day I went to to change out the fixture and when I checked my fuse box none of the switches was labeled dining room.
 Oooookay, so I started flipping them one by one and running back into the house to see if the light was off.
 Next thing you know our alarm is going off and after talking to the alarm company for 45 minutes I lost my enthusiasm for changing out the fixture.
 It will get done one of these days. Luckily I don't hate the one I have.

Our dining room is off of a large hallway and this is where we keep our buffet.
I thought it would be fun to create a sparkly winter wonderland on top.

My twig lamps are always on the buffet.
I added my growing collection of mercury glass trees and some greenery.

For height I added a piece I made out of old fence posts and used chalk to write JOY on it.

Finally, I fell in love with these houses I found at Michael's.
I've always wanted to try to make something like this and I am hoping I can add on more buildings over the years.
We'll see. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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