Project Challenge: Metal

It's time for Project Challenge again and this month we were to come up with a creation using metal.
Five years ago I gave a Craiglist coffee table a make over by covering the top of the table with galvanized roofing tiles (you can check it out here).
 I knew immediately that this was the metal I wanted to work with again.

I love the look of galvanized metal and at 50 cents for an 8" x 8" square you can't beat the price!
So cheap that I decided to make two different creations using the roofing tiles.

Some of the other supplies I used for my projects are a burlap canvas, a key from the $1 section at Michael's, a fancy frame, paint and my handy dandy glue gun.

Ok, this is kind of embarrassingly simple to make.
 I simply hot glued the metal tile onto the burlap canvas and viola..instant memo board!
As you can see the galvanized metal is metallic. :)

For my second project I spray painted my frame and key bright white.
 Then I, once again, used my hot glue gun to attach the tile to the back of the frame and glued the key onto the metal tile.
 I just love the look of the silver up against the white.
 It really pops!

I then decided to create a bit of a shabby chic gallery wall using my two projects.
I added some chunky white frames that I already had and filled them with pink cottage flowers from some cards that I've held onto for yeas.
I also hung up a metal "S" I found at the craft store.
I kind of ~heart~ the way it all looks together!

I also found a metal sphere from Hobby Lobby which I thought tied in nicely 
with the other metal pieces.
A vintage fan my dad gave me brings even more of that yummy gray metal to the space.

Since one of the projects was a memo board I though the perfect spot for my gallery wall was above my Queen Anne desk. (Another Project Challenge creation you can check out here)
I think the metal adds just a touch of industrial chic to an otherwise very feminine space.
If you decide to work with the galvanized tiles do be careful because the edges are sharp.
It is a good idea to wear some work gloves when creating with it.
If you decide to try your hand at creating with roof tiles I'd love to hear about it!

Be sure to check out all kinds of metal awesomeness done by the other ladies in the group!
Sew A Fine Seam


Beyond The Picket Fence


And link up YOUR awesome metal projects.....
I can't wait to see them!

Vintage Picket Sign~Project Challenge 5

It's one of my favorite times of the month...Project Challenge time!
This month our challenge was to create something with fencing of some sort.
At first I was going to build an herb box out of fence posts and I was pretty excited about it too.
But can I confess something to you? I really suck at building things!

So instead I made the worlds easiest sign!
But just because it was easy doesn't mean that I don't love it madly!
I bought this wonderful old picket at an antique store for under $10 because I just 
couldn't NOT get it.
I didn't know what in the world I was going to do with it.

Then I decided to use my French Market stencil on it and it fit so perfectly! Yay!
I was very careful to use a light touch with the paint so the wording would look old.
I just love the rustic goodness at the end of the picket!

And how sweet is the picket! 
Oh, don't you just love the character of old things!?!
The chippiness of the white paint is perfection too!

My dining room was starting to look a little formal and it needed to be infused with some of the cottage style that I love so much.
I think bringing in a vintage, chippy piece helps to do that.

My dining room is a work in progress.
The chandelier came with the house.
 I have a lovely gray chandelier waiting to be hung, but I am scared to do it!

We are also using a (too small) kitchen table in the room right now because I haven't found the perfect table yet.
 I'm pretty picky.

 I realize I haven't shared much of my home on the blog this year and it's because I want all the rooms to be "perfect" before I show them.
 I'm not one of those bloggers that can put together the perfect room in two minutes flat. ;)
But, I've decided to change my ways and share more "in progress" rooms on my blog.
 You probably take your time putting together a room too and can totally relate.

The mirror that is under my new (old) sign I am in the process of painting, but it isn't quite finished yet either.
 I'm looking forward to showing you a before and after of that piece in the future.

So that's my little fence project, now you have GOT to check out what the other mega talented ladies in our group have been up too!
 A special welcome to Susan from Homeroad who is new to our Project Challenge group!

Down to Earth Style



Sew a Fine Seam

Chalk Painted French Pot

If you have a pot where you love the size, shape and design, but the color....not so much,
 you can paint it!
Sadly I can not find a before picture for this pot. 
It was tan and shiny and just kind of blah.

Because the pot was shiny I decided to spray the whole thing with primer.

After the first coat of French Linen chalk paint it was looking pretty awful, but don't give up hope!

After about three coats of paint I finally got some good coverage.
I then used some pure white chalk paint to highlight the raised areas on the pot.

I love it now!
I have a pot that goes with my decor and since I already had the paint the cost was zero!

If you'd like to know how I painted the books you can check out this post.

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Queen Anne Desk~Project Challenge: Furniture

It's time once again for Project Challenge and this month our challenge was Furniture!
I have been wanting a very small desk for our house for quite some time. 
I liked the idea of a small desk so I could just tuck it into a little corner of a room.
I searched Craigslist and Facebook yard sale sights for months and months with no luck.

Finally one day I popped into the thrift store and found this little beauty for only $30.00!
It's not actually a desk, but a Queen Anne style table that would normally be used in an entry way or behind a sofa, but it fits my purposes perfectly.

I knew right away that I wanted to paint the desk white and the drawer gray (French Linen), but when I painted it I found that I didn't like the way it looked at. all.
The gray was just too dark.
I should point out this piece has only one drawer, but it's been made to look like it is two drawers.

So this is what I came up with instead...
I painted the middle section white to further emphasis the faux two drawer look.
 I left the outside of the drawers dark gray and then mixed some gray and white and painted the main body of the drawer that color.
One knob was missing from the piece when I got it, so I replaced them both with library pulls...which I adore!!

I lightly distressed the piece since I dig that look and finished it off with some furniture wax.
I have started using Miss Mustard Seed's wax and I loooove it!!
It is so easy to use. It goes on like buttah!

I think it is just such a sweet little desk!
I have it in my bedroom right now, but I'm thinking of moving it to our living room.
Our living room sits empty most of the time so maybe if I put the desk in there the room will actually get used. :)

I am using this shallow vintage locker basket as a memo board.
I think it's pretty cool.

I also got some fresh flowers for the top.
I was planning to get hydrangea's,but the store didn't have any so I got these white tulips instead.
I have never bought tulips before and I ended up loving them!

So I'm going to finish off with a question for you.
The printer that our family uses is enormous and takes up almost half of my pretty desk.
So. not. cute.
Are there effective small printers out there or is there a wireless printer I can just stick in my closet
 or something?
What do you use?

I can't wait to see what the other ladies have cooked up they always impress me!
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AND I can't wait to see what YOU have been up to, so please link up!

If you want to play along next months Project Challenge is fence boards.
 I've already started working on mine. :)

(sharing w/Thrifty Decor ChicSavvy Southern Style &French Country Cottage & Miss Mustard Seed & My Romantic Home)

Boys Painted Upholstery Headboard

This is yet another project where I am embarrassed at how long it took me to complete and
 it is such a relief to finally get it done!

I bought this upholstered headboard off of Craigslist a couple of years ago for $20.00.
Since I got it for my teenage son's room the pink stripes were not going to work.
I wanted to reupholster it using this really cool vintage burlap sack I found, but my son was very against the idea.
He thought the burlap would be itchy.
I decided he was probably right and burlap can be a bit stinky too.
Sadly I then just kept forgetting to get around to reupholstering the piece.

Finally this winter I was determined to do something about. that. headboard.
I went to the fabric store, but none of the fabrics really spoke to me.
Then I got the bright idea to paint the piece! A lot quicker and easier than reupholstering!
I used a fabric painting medium and two bottles of acrylic paint and just followed
 the instructions on the bottle.
After the paint dried I lightly sanded it and then used furniture wax, finally I buffed the piece and it is nice and smooth!

The last step was adding nail head trim. 
This is a real pain in the butt, but it looks great!

Now my sweet boy has the manly headboard he deserves!
He is quite a bit taller than me now which is really disconcerting!

Next is finishing up artwork for above his bed!

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Project Challenge: Linen~Easter Sign

So the Project Challenge this month was to use linen or leather. 
I don't sew and was just pretty stumped on what to do.
Then I saw linen wrapped canvas at the craft store and decided to make an Easter sign.
Maybe not the most wildly creative idea out there, but I think it turned out cute. :)

Supplies:You could make your own linen wrapped canvas, but Michael's had these cute ones with nail head trim so I just decided to use that.
 I also got a paint pen, a wooden bunny and some metal embellishments.

The craft store didn't have any white fabric paint pens, so I got one that is supposed to be for use on metal or glass and I was nervous it wouldn't work, but luckily it did! 
I traced the bunny with my paint pen and had originally planned on painting it white, but decided I liked the look of the bunny outline.
 I think it would also be cute to glue a little puff ball on the bunnies tale, but I didn't think about it until I had already bought my supplies.
I know lettering is a weak point for me creatively so I had wanted to use white stickers, but they didn't have any in the right size.
 So then I got the idea to trace some letter stickers I already had.
Sadly I should have used a pen with a finer tip for this to work better.
 Learn a lesson from me and practice on a scrap piece of fabric first!!
Finally I spray painted my metal embellishments white and placed them in the corners of the canvas. I then used a ruler and drew lines to connect the four corners.

Besides my wonky letters I do think the sign turned out pretty cute! 
The others ladies in the group have blown me away with their creativity, you have GOT to check them out!!

AND, I'm super excited to have YOU join us and link up one of your projects made with
 linen or leather!

Linen. Leather. Linky.

We'll get to this in a minute, but first I want to talk about the title of my blog post...
Linen. Leather. Linky.

It totally reminds me of this scene from the office where Jim dresses up like and mimics Dwight!
Do you remember this episode? lol!

Anywhoo, back to the subject. :)
 Do you guys remember that I have been participating in Project Challenge?
 Each month we are given a different material to work with and it has been so fun!
This month we are to create something using either linen or leather or both I suppose.
Here's the exciting get to join in too!!!
We will have a linky party so you can share your linen or leather project as well.
 It can be a new project that you whip up this week or an old post.

 Speaking of old posts I thought I would share an old project with you where I made a linen covered memo board.
 It all started with this lovely framed painting from the thrift store.

I removed the painting from the frame and covered the painting with roofing tiles.
 I then covered it with linen. I painted the frame and then put the whole thing back together. 
The roofing tiles make the memo board magnetic!

This entry makeover was one of my most favorite projects ever!
 It was back when we lived in Las Vegas. Three houses ago.
 If you want to see more of this makeover you can click here.

So are you exciting to link up your linen or leather project? We will go live with our blog posts this Friday morning!