Project Challenge: Linen~Easter Sign

So the Project Challenge this month was to use linen or leather. 
I don't sew and was just pretty stumped on what to do.
Then I saw linen wrapped canvas at the craft store and decided to make an Easter sign.
Maybe not the most wildly creative idea out there, but I think it turned out cute. :)

Supplies:You could make your own linen wrapped canvas, but Michael's had these cute ones with nail head trim so I just decided to use that.
 I also got a paint pen, a wooden bunny and some metal embellishments.

The craft store didn't have any white fabric paint pens, so I got one that is supposed to be for use on metal or glass and I was nervous it wouldn't work, but luckily it did! 
I traced the bunny with my paint pen and had originally planned on painting it white, but decided I liked the look of the bunny outline.
 I think it would also be cute to glue a little puff ball on the bunnies tale, but I didn't think about it until I had already bought my supplies.
I know lettering is a weak point for me creatively so I had wanted to use white stickers, but they didn't have any in the right size.
 So then I got the idea to trace some letter stickers I already had.
Sadly I should have used a pen with a finer tip for this to work better.
 Learn a lesson from me and practice on a scrap piece of fabric first!!
Finally I spray painted my metal embellishments white and placed them in the corners of the canvas. I then used a ruler and drew lines to connect the four corners.

Besides my wonky letters I do think the sign turned out pretty cute! 
The others ladies in the group have blown me away with their creativity, you have GOT to check them out!!

AND, I'm super excited to have YOU join us and link up one of your projects made with
 linen or leather!

Linen. Leather. Linky.

We'll get to this in a minute, but first I want to talk about the title of my blog post...
Linen. Leather. Linky.

It totally reminds me of this scene from the office where Jim dresses up like and mimics Dwight!
Do you remember this episode? lol!

Anywhoo, back to the subject. :)
 Do you guys remember that I have been participating in Project Challenge?
 Each month we are given a different material to work with and it has been so fun!
This month we are to create something using either linen or leather or both I suppose.
Here's the exciting get to join in too!!!
We will have a linky party so you can share your linen or leather project as well.
 It can be a new project that you whip up this week or an old post.

 Speaking of old posts I thought I would share an old project with you where I made a linen covered memo board.
 It all started with this lovely framed painting from the thrift store.

I removed the painting from the frame and covered the painting with roofing tiles.
 I then covered it with linen. I painted the frame and then put the whole thing back together. 
The roofing tiles make the memo board magnetic!

This entry makeover was one of my most favorite projects ever!
 It was back when we lived in Las Vegas. Three houses ago.
 If you want to see more of this makeover you can click here.

So are you exciting to link up your linen or leather project? We will go live with our blog posts this Friday morning!

Project Challenge #2 Thrift Store Make-Over-French Market Cow

So it is that time of month again where I have the pleasure of joining with a group of very talented  Bloggers for Project Challenge. 

This months challenge is near and dear to my heart.
We were to make over an item from the thrift store that cost $5.00 or less. 
There isn't much that I like to do more than turn trash into treasure!
 So I was very excited to take this one on!

I already had this wooden cow I found at the thrift store for only $3.00.
 She was cute, but very country looking and a little dated, so I decided I would given her more 
of a French Country look.

First I gave her several coats of black acrylic paint.

Even though I did not use chalkboard paint I've found you usually can still use chalk on items that have been painted with black acrylic.
 I tried drawing some butcher cuts on my cow with chalk and I had planned to paint over the chalk lines when I was finished, but I wasn't liking how it looked so I decided to go in a different direction.

I sanded off some of the black paint so it didn't have such a matte look.
 I think this gives this piece the look of more texture and interest.
 I then used a French Market stencil that I got from Etsy several years ago.
 The stencil didn't fit perfectly, but I like the way it turned out.
I finished off the cow with some furniture wax and then buffed the piece so it is nice and smooth and easy to keep clean.

I set up a vignette in my kitchen with some breadboards, a French style pot, a new candle and a cute dish towel with black stripes to tie in with my black cow.

Not bad for $3.00, right?!

Now please go check out the rest of these talented ladies projects!

Beyond The Picket Fence

Sew A Fine Seam


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An Egg-cellent Valentine tree!

This is a blog post from way back in 2011, but I thought it was a really fun project so I hope you don't mind if I share it with you again!

Some of you have probably seen the idea of a tree full of hearts before.
But this tree tree has something unexpected!
I look forward to showing you....

I started with a package of wood hearts.
I then painted them pink.

Next I covered them with.........
I got the idea for trying an egg shell mosaic from the blog Can't Stop Making Things.
I used four eggs which I hard boiled. I then put them in the fridge overnight.
The next day I took the shells off and then removed the membrane from the shells.
It's a bit tedious, but I was sick when I made these so I didn't mind sitting and doing this
 mundane task.

Next I covered a section of the heart with Mod Podge and put on pieces of egg shell.
Press down on the shell to flatten and crack it more.
Then do another section until the heart is covered.
I got impatient and ended up covering the heart with Mod Podge and then sprinkling the heart with egg shell then gently shaking off the excess. Like you would do with a glitter project.
Once the heart was covered and the bottom layer of Mod Podge was dry I placed a top coat of Mod Podge on the whole thing.

I still felt like the hearts were missing something.
So I covered them with some very pale pink nail polish to give them a little bit of glimmer.
The heart on the left has polish on it and the heart on the right does not.

 I hot glued pink gingham ribbon on the hearts and hung them on a tree branch.
The branch is in a piece of floral foam inside the urn.

It's times like this when I wish I had a fancy camera and the skills to use such camera.
That way you could really see how pretty this looks in person.

The Valentine tree is sitting on a tray with some little books and a mercury glass bird.

A close up of a heart.
Can you see the bit of glimmer?

It was so fun to make a pretty Valentine's craft with such an unexpected element!

So put on a favorite TV show and get crackin'
Get it?
Crackin', like cracked eggs?
I crack myself up!
Get it?
 Okay, sorry I'll stop.

Happy Valentine's day my loves!!

Vintage Ruler Heart: Project Challenge #1(Paint)

Valentine's day is just around the corner s I thought I would whip up a fun heart project and you still have time to make one too!

I am so excited to join this very talented group of ladies for Project Challenge. Every month we have  been given a new material/theme to work with and then you get to see how we all have our different ways of carrying it out. It should be fun!
This month we are all doing projects with paint or stain.

I decided I wanted to make a heart using vintage rulers, but I didn't have enough of the ruler to complete the heart so I needed to supplement with a yardstick from Lowe's. They are very cheap! (Yay!) I bought a felt heart from the craft store, positioned my rulers onto the heart and when I was happy with the arrangement I simply hot glued the rulers onto the heart.

I thought it would be fun to have some pink rulers for Valentine's day and so I took the yardstick pieces and taped off the numbers. I then sprayed white primer on all the wording underneath the numbers (Lowe's etc). Once the primer dried I used some pink acrylic paint. I then used my fingers to wipe of a lot of the paint on the top because I wanted the numbers to show through the paint. 

Finally I threaded a ribbon though the felt heart backing and tied it onto an empty white frame.
No time to run to the store for fresh flowers so I used faux flowers I bought at Ikea. They come in ugly black plastic pots so I painted the pots white for more of a cottage look.

I feel like I should mention that one of the vintage ruler was already broken so it wasn't has painful to cut up! :)

I am so excited to see what the other ladies in the group have come up with ad I hope you check them all out too!

Vintage Tobacco Tin

Last spring Courtney from French Country Cottage shared an old tobacco tin that she 
found in a thrift store.
(p.s. her photos are much better than mine!)
 I became obsessed with it. I mean it was instant l.o.v.e. 
So I spent hours and hours scouring Ebay until I found a couple.
 They weren't selling for thrift store prices, but they weren't outrageous either, so I went for it.

(It is white even though it has a yellowish hue in this photo)
I love the script and the design...just everything!
Well, I wish it was a tin for something a little more wholesome than tobacco, but you 
know what I mean. ;)

As much as I love my tin, since we moved this summer, it has just been sitting in our garage.
 I really need to find a special spot for it in my home so I can gaze at it daily!

I just love old stuff! Don't you? :)

Our Christmas Tree & Family Room 2014

Getting our tree this year ended up being a bit of an ordeal.
I decided I was done with the bother of live trees and I wanted a fake tree with the
 lights already on it.
I wanted one that looked real and I didn't want to spend very much money.
 So after much searching I found the perfect tree. turns out it was sold out EVERYWHERE! So I had to start over. I finally found one I like (but don't love). 
But our home just didn't feel like Christmas without a tree so I'm glad to finally have one.

Last year I decorated my tree with a woodland theme and my kids hated it!
 They really missed all our Santa and snowmen ornaments and truth be told I did too. 
So I wasn't going to make that mistake this year!
 I bought some new plaid ribbon for the tree (which I love) and some red berries and then piled on all our old, wonderful, family ornaments.

Lots of snowmen and Santa's!

A couple of years ago I scored a bunch of vintage ornaments at the thrift store for only
 50 cents a piece! I love them too!

Our tree is in our family room next to the fireplace so we can enjoy it every night. 
If you'd like to see more of our fireplace mantel click here.
I didn't realize the star at the top of our tree was a little wonky until editing photo's and I just decided to go with it.
I let my kids decorate the tree and then when they are at school I just redistribute the ornaments because there is a lot of clumping. :)

 This side of the room is difficult to photograph because of the huge windows.

See the framed print?

Here's a closer look.
I ordered a wonderful print from Lemonade Makin' Mama and she was so sweet and gifted me with this wonderful print as well.
I love it!

Let's move over to my lumpy couch!
I threw some festive pillows on there for you, but usually the pillows get thrown off and we are sprawled all over it watching TV together.

The other day we watched Elf and it's the first time my 5 year old really watched it and he loved it!
 It made the funny parts even funnier as we watched him crack up.
He especially loved the very looooong burp after Buddy drinks soda!

I've admired this deer print for a long time, but they wanted almost $60.00 for it (no thank you).
It got marked down 75% because it has a crack in it.
I was thrilled! It is a rustic piece anyway so I don't mind the crack.

In front of the deer is a vintage red tool box.

I've decided I'm done decorating!
I have a cookie exchange tomorrow with some lovely ladies from my church, the Kindergarten Christmas party on Friday and then my kids are out of school and I plan on just 
enjoying the holiday with them. 
We're going to make fudge and watch Christmas movies and drive around looking at lights while listening to Christmas music.
 Lots of fun family times ahead!

I'll still be checking in on Istagram though. Thanks for stopping by!

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