Master Bathroom Plan~ORC Week 3

I'm busy painting away on my bathroom cabinets and it is in the ugly stage.
So instead of showing you photos of that, I'm going to discuss my plans for my master bathroom and show you some inspiration pics.

I made a little mood board for my bathroom.
White cabinets and mirrors, fun accessories & damask towels.
I'll also add a lattice rug (it will be gray though, not navy) and I may put fern prints up on the wall.
 I need to hold them up and see how they look.

Here's a reminder of what I'm working with.
Now let's look at some inspiration pictures showing the direction I'd like to take my bathroom in.

This bathroom is so pretty!
I think the crisp white cabinet looks great with the dark counter tops.
My counters are charcoal gray, not black, but I'm hoping painting the cabinets white really makes them pop!

I've found some mirrors for my bathroom, but the frames are brown and I'm planning on painting them white.
Love the look of the white mirrors and white cabinet in this photo.

But then I saw this pretty bathroom where the cabinets are white, but the mirrors are black.
Hmm, should I paint my mirror frames charcoal gray instead to match my counter tops?

My bathroom has gray walls and I love how the pure white looks with the gray walls here.

Finally this lovely bathroom with white cabinets and mirror frame.
I wish I could change my flooring to this gorgeous gray tile, but that's not going to happen right now.

I'm looking forward to showing you more next week. :)
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Master Bathroom Make Over~ORC Week 2

I decided, kind of spur of the moment, to participate in the fall One Room Challenge .
Last week was my Fall Home Tour so I'm giving my master bathroom a makeover in just 5 weeks. 
Last spring I joined ORC and transformed our guest bathroom.
I still love the way that room turned out and  I wanted to love our master bathroom just as much!

First thing is these orange oak cabinets have GOT. to. GO.
They will be getting some fresh white paint.

I will also be changing the hardware on the drawers and doors.

The mirrors are too skinny and they are damaged, so new ones will go up.

There used to be a small glass shelf between the two mirrors
. I've already removed it and filled in the holes, but I need to touch up the paint.

There is no where to hang hand towels for either sink. (why?)
So I plan to install some ring towel holders.

I definitely need some art work for the walls.
I wish I could hang a large piece here, but the light switch is in the way.
I'll probably hang four frames in the space.

Finally a rug to soften up the tile.
Um...and maybe clean my grout. Ahem.

I'm excited to get started!
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Day 3:Fall For Texas Home Tour~My Home (plus day 4 & 5 links)

Thank you for stopping by for my Fall home tour.
I always look forward to decorating my house in the fall. 
Fall is just such a cozy time of year.
It's still pretty hot in Texas, but cooling down a little so I am thankful for that.

I gave myself a little challenge this year to spend no money.
I didn't quite make it, but I came close. :)

Let's start in the entry way.
I found this painting at the thrift store this summer. 
I think it was around $3.00. 
I bought it knowing that I would use it in my fall decor.

Our library was giving away books that didn't sell when had they had a book sale.
So I picked up these two that tie in nicely with my painting.

A thrift store stool and a bowl of (faux) little orange pumpkins round off the entry way.

I recently finished painting my living room and adjoining dining room.
I had barely finished the spaces when it was time to take photos for the fall home tour.

When we moved into the house the walls were dark red.
I then painted them gray, but I wasn't happy with the shade I chose.
It had too much blue in it, which just wasn't the look I was going for.

I finally decided on this shade of very pale gray that almost looks white. 
Not very daring, but I'm happy with it.

When I usually decorate my living room for fall I use lots of texture and layers.
Think plaids and burlap and earth tones.
I decided to try something totally different this year!
This is where I ended up spending a little money.....

I've been seeing a lot of black and white buffalo check on Instagram lately and decided to get these pillow covers from Amazon.
They were only about $13.00 for the pair so not too bad.
They tie in really nicely with my sign from House of Belonging.
It's the lyrics to the song Oceans by Hillsong United, if you've never heard it I suggest you head over to Youtube right away!

The star of the living room is an old galvanized bucket brimming with goldenrod.
This cheery flower is everywhere in Texas right now.

My oldest son has his learners permit and needs to practise his driving, so I had him drive me way out into the country where the goldenrod is very prolific.

So like I mentioned before, my living room has a very different look this year.
I think of it as modern farmhouse and I must say I am loving the clean simple look!

On to the dining room....
Again, I'm still putting this room back together after painting.
So, the curtains are up, but not hung properly etc.

Earlier this year I lucked out and found four of these gorgeous plates at the thrift store for only 99 cents a piece!
 I don't normally use a lot of blue in my home, but I had to take these home with me.
I think the deep blue is perfect for fall. 
I used some weeds that have a wheat like appearance to decorate my napkins. (free!)

I thought my woven pumpkins were the perfect color to tie in with my "wheat".
This room is really difficult to photograph due to a huge window in the room, so I apologize for weird angles.

When I was taking pictures of this room my cat became obsessed and kept climbing on the table. 
She even started chewing on my pumpkins.
Lil, stinker!
Good thing I am not actually having a dinner party .
I don't think guests would fancy cat hair with their dinner.

The centerpiece of the table is a faux bois vase filled with Live Oak tree branches from my front yard.
It is tall and dramatic and once

Across from the dining room is this table that I love to change out for the different seasons/holidays.
I usually change things out with artwork, but this time decided to let my tall three tier tray be the star of the show.

Last weekend I took my boys to a fall festival and as we were walking back to our car we passed this dumpster by the side of the road.
The owners had recently trimmed some type of plant that had these cool green berries.
I immediately knew that I needed them for my fall tour.
So I start pulling off pieces of the branches. 
While I'm doing this a little girl, maybe 3 years old, comes riding up on her Big Wheel and says "hello, what are you doing?".
So I very matter a factly said "I'm picking green berries".
And my 7 year old says "yeah, my mom loves green berries".
I just acted like it was the most natural thing in the world and then I quickly moved on. lol lol

The berries are such a pretty shade of sage green and I decided I had to bring out my little collection of green vintage books to display too.

I know it isn't the usual thing, but I really like using green in my fall decor.

Last, but not least we move onto the fireplace in our family room.
I kept with a pretty minimalistic look in this room as well.

Last year I found the wood leaf garland at World Market and really loved it, so I knew I wanted to bring it back again.

Fresh oak leaves from our back yard add a punch of life to the space.
Our trees don't usually get fall color until December and my then nobody in the blogging world cares about fall color anymore because they've moved onto Christmas decor.
Get with the program leaves!

On the other side of the mantel are some birch bark pumpkins I got at Target last year. 
I just love the texture they have.

A cozy throw from Ikea and a vintage olive bucket finish things off.
Speaking of finish....we've reached the end of our tour.
Thank you so much for coming by!

But the fun is not over yet! Please visit the other wonderful Texas gals on today's tour.

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Timeless Treasures

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I also want to thank Katie from Let's Add Sprinkles for all her hard work putting this together!

Day 4
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Day 5
White Spray Paint

Opulent Cottage

Lilacs and Longhorns

Fall through the years.

I've had my blog for quite awhile now, so I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the fall decorating that I've done over the years.
I linked to all of the original posts if you'd like to see more. Just click on the highlighted word.

My favorite fall porch was this one from back when we lived in Illinois. 
After having lived in as Las Vegas for 6 years I was so excited to be able to get cornstalks to decorate with when we moved to Illinois.

This is one of my favorite Fall living rooms looks.
We had moved to Katy Texas.

The wild sunflowers make my heart go pitter patter.

I also had fun decorating the entry way using a bushel basket lid.

A little more formal look under the stairs.

Fall in my living room.
Another Fall look was full of browns. I really like the way they contrast against the white couch.

I used crepe myrtle seedpods in my faux baus vase. 
I love free decorating!

A fall mantel featuring more browns and pops of yellow.
Not colors I usually use, but they are perfect in the fall.

The next fall I decided to go for a totally different look on the mantel using blues and having a bit of an international feel with a French poster and Dutch shoes.

I had fun putting together a tablescape in my breakfast room.

The grocery store marked my favorite green/blue/gray pumpkins down and I was so excited to stock up.

Then we moved to Humble Texas.
 We only lived here a year and boy do I miss this glorious stone fireplace.

I went all out decorating it for fall with wheat stalks and a banner.

Here was a fun little vignette for the coffee table.
You can't go wrong bringing in a little vintage.

Now we are caught up to last fall and we are living in the Austin Texas suburbs.
The fireplace is a bit plainer so I had to work that much harder putting together a fall look.
I have to admit I ending up loving what I came up with.

My favorite bit of decorating last fall however was this very simple arrangement ..
A vintage crate, my favorite pumpkins and some fresh oak leaves.

I wonder what I'll come up with this year?