Project Challenge #10: Duct Tape

I've been so excited for this months challenge...duct tape!
I've been waiting 10 long months to be able to make my vision become a reality and I finally get to share it with all of you!

 I've known for quite awhile I wanted to make some beautiful tape feathers.
First I went to Google images and looked at feather outlines.
I didn't find an exact one that I liked, so I ended up making my own version.
Once I drew my feather I cut it out and used it as a template on some poster board so my feathers would be study.
I traced them with a brown marker to match my tape and then drew a line down the middle of the feather.

After I cut the feathers out I covered them with this beautiful tape I found on Etsy.
The tape is clear with brown calligraphy on it.
Leave it to me to be the rebal in the group and not use duct tape like I was sopposed too! 
There are so many fun duct tape patterns out there now days, but I couldn't find one that I felt was my style, so I used a decorative tape instead.
But, you could definitely use duct tape to make these feathers.

Here is a close up of the completed feather! #giddy
There are so many different things you could do with these!
I originally was going to make a garland for my fireplace, but I really love my Fall mantel the way it is now and ended up not wanting to change it (you can check it out here).

So instead I decided to make a boho style wall hanging!
I don't know that I really need to explain to you how to make this, but here goes.
I cut a branch from a tree in my back yard and used some twine to make a hanger.
I then just used Scotch tape to attach the feathers to the twine and the twine to the branch.
Varying the lengths of the twine adds interest.

I thought it would be fun to add a Fall vignette to the scene.
I am so madly in love with these birch bark pumpkins I found at Target!

To add a little more boho flair I brought out my fake fur and draped it on a chair and 
added an ikat pillow.
I love the mix of formal and casual!

I keep saying it's boho style, but I also think it has a bit of a Nordic influence too.
Which is pretty funny since we are in hot, dry, Texas...but there ya go!

It's so fun seeing what the other ladies come up with each month.
I always worry that there will be duplicates, but it has never happened.
You've got to check these girls out!" title="click to view in an external page.">An InLinkz Link-up

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My Fall Home Tour

For those of you new to my blog, we just moved into this house in June. 
With the craziness of moving and now school starting I probably wouldn't have done much fall decorating this year except Michelle was nice enough to invite me to be part of her 
Home Tour blog hop. 
And I am so glad she did! I have just loved having my home all decked out for fall!

 Our last house had a beautiful stone fireplace, so at first I wasn't very inspired to decorate the mantel in the new house, but once I started playing around with it I really enjoyed putting it together.
The mantel is really long too, so I could fill it with all kinds of fall goodness.

I am definitely a neutrals girl so you won't be seeing too much color on my home tour.
On the mantel I placed some wood candlesticks I found on clearance at Target, wheat clusters, textured pumpkins from Target, some little tweed pumpkins I found at the grocery store last year and a wood leaf garland I just picked up from World Market.
 Oh and in case anyone is wondering, the mirror is from Kirkland's.

I attempted to hang a coat rack in our entry way and had visions of my thrift store market basket hanging from it. 
Instead all I managed to do was  make a bunch of holes in the wall.
 I am bad at hanging things! grrr.
 So I just put together this little arrangement instead and I am calling it a day, for now.

If you want to see a more colorful version of my fall living room you can click here.

I found a wonderful white pumpkin for the living room, and I'd hoped to find some white mums too, but there are none to be found at the moment so I used some faux flowers from Ikea instead.
 The lantern was a gift from a friend, but it is from Pottery Barn.

Do you spy the cute little Give Thanks pillow? 
I found that in the dollar spot at Target!
Who says you have to use orange for fall decorating? Why not gray and white?

Sorry for the blurry quality of my dining room pics.
 It is the sunlight coming in from a large window.

So Lisa, you plopped a pumpkin in a pedestal and you call that decorating?
Well it is decorating out of necessity, how about that!

While I've unpacked most of the boxes from our move there are still a few I haven't got to and evidently one of them holds all my table runners and cloth napkins!

I do love the green pumpkins though! So why not let this beauty shine!

I'm re-painting this room soon so for now my mirror is just propped up on a table.
 I am not looking forward to hanging that heavy thing! 
More Ikea flowers around the mirror (they come in black plastic pots, but I "re-plant "them).

Across from my dining room is a French Provincial buffet I bought off of Craigslist and lovingly made over.
 I am about to sell it though so if you are in the Austin area and are interested give me a holler.
I kept the decor on the buffet pretty simple too. I guess it goes with the minimalist dining room.

I placed two green pumpkins in a vintage crate and filled in the bare spots with some oak leaves from my back yard. 
It's my favorite thing right now!

My breakfast room is pretty simple too (are you sensing a theme here?)
If you want more info on the light fixture I made for under $10 click here.

I simply placed some mini pumpkins in a raw wood bowl and surrounded it with oak leaves.
I found the bowl at Target last year.

I haven't been able to find any white baby boo pumpkins yet, but these striped ones are pretty cute.

I had to include this little vignette in my kitchen because I just love my owl cookie jar. 
I found him at Goodwill and even though I definitely didn't need him, I couldn't pass him up!

One more kitchen vignette and that's all she wrote.
 I'm sure I'll keep tweaking things as the month goes along.
If you want to see more follow me on Instagram where I post a lot more frequently than I do
 on my blog.

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Fall Home Tours Begin!

I'm so excited to be joining a wonderful group of bloggers for fall home tours! 
Don't you just love getting to peek into someones home without getting arrested! tee hee!
My home tour will be on October 4th.

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Project Challenge #9: Rusty Item

It's time once again for Project Challenge!
This month our group was challenged to create something rusty.
I knew I wanted to take something metal and make it rusty, but I wasn't sure what to use.

Then one day I found this country pitcher and knew it was just the thing!

The fact that it was deeply clearanced had me doing a happy dance.
So my plan was to soak the metal pitcher in vinegar and have it turn all rusty.
 This is a technique I've used before and I was sure it would work. didn't. Boo :(
 I soaked it for days and days and days....nothing.
It looked exactly the same!
What to do?

So I decided to use paint to give my pitcher the look of rust.
First I painted the whole thing dark brown.
 I used a stencil brush and pounced on the paint so the pitcher would have some texture to it, just like rust does.
Next I used a medium brown paint that has some orange tones to it on a few spots.
Finally I used a tiny bit of a golden tan color.
I layered the paint colors on top of each other while still wet and made sure to use the brush to blend it in really well.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out!
It has the warm tones of Autumn.
And the beauty of paint is I don't have to worry about flaking or staining like I would with an actual rusted item.

I set up a little Fall vignette with the pitcher in my living room.
When we moved into our house this summer this room had red walls.
I painstakingly tried sample after sample of gray paints.
I finally found one I liked and painted a bunch of samples on different walls and looked at them at  different times of day to see how the color looked in different light.

Do you know where this is going?
I broke my back painting the living and dining rooms and while I was painting I still loved the color
And then it dried.
The paint looks super blue!
So I'm back to sampling and I am going to re-paint.

Back to the rusty pitcher....
I filled it with some yellow flowers blooming in my back yard right now.
I'm normally not of fan of yellow, but they look good with the warm browns and oranges of Fall
And pumpkins! Glorious pumpkins!
Don't you just love the Fall season?.

I just had to share my favorite Fall accessory with you, our new kitten Cinnamon!
We adopted her from the animal shelter this week!

She is so sweet and cuddly and we are all smitten with our kitten!

We're so excited to have three very talented bloggers join out little group!
Welcome Happy At Home, Little Brags & Patina Paradise!

Take a look at all the rusty goodness the other ladies have made.
I know I can't wait to check them out!