Thanks Sarah :)

Thank-You Sarah!!!!!!
I am so grateful to my smart, beautiful, kind friend Sarah who helped me set up this blog. There is nooooooo way I could have done it without her.
Sarah is shown w/ her adorable daughters Ava and Lily(baby). They were so good while we were busy on the computer.
There is a reason they are standing next to my crockpot.There is a blog I love where a woman is making something new in the crockpot everyday for a year One day she turned her crockpot into a smoker and smoked a brisket. She said the brisket turned out really smoky and deliscous and wanted to try the method cooking salmon.That sounded good to me to and I decided to try it and Sarah was willing to be my guinia pig. You soak hickory wood chips in water for half an hour then you drain and wrap them in parchment, then poke many holes in parchment. I then used a brown sugar and spice rub on the salmon and seared it quickly in a frying pan ,then plopped it in the slow cooker on high for about 2 hours. We both agreed that the salmon was yummy, but it didn't have any smoky flavor. So that was disapointing. I was hoping it would taste like I cooked it on a cedar plank, because I love salmon that way. Anyhoo, thanks again Sarah for the lovely morning!

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  1. My pleasure Lisa! Can't wait to check out your blog regularly. Look at you adding links to the Crock-Pot lady's blog. I am SO proud of you! :) Lunch was yummy! Thanks again.