sooooo proud

I'm so proud of Grant. He got 100% on his spelling test and here are a few of the words on the test: punctuation, multiplication and intermediate. Those are some tough words!! My little guy ROCKS! (o.k. he's not so little anymore).
In other news about Grant ,this just in... There was a girl in his class that he had a major crush on until he noticed that she picks her nose and eats the boogers. eeew. Now he says if he has to touch anything of hers he goes and uses the hand sanitizer afterwards. LOL
How quickly love fades when boogers are involved.


  1. YAY Grant!!!! Congratulations!! That is wonderful.
    As far as the girl and boogers,....TOTALLY EWWW!! Oh my gosh, soo funny:)

  2. Grant,
    I am so proud of how well you do in shool.
    I am so glad the Math score went up!
    Keep up the good work.
    I love you.