After our one day of camping our family drove over to Laughlin, NV and spent the night at Harrah's Hotel. It is on the Colorado river and there is a man made "beach" in front of the river. We had never stayed at Harrah's before and I was very impressed. It was so pretty. The grounds of the hotel had a tropical garden/Spanish style to them. The only downer was the weather. It was a rare cold day in Southern Nevada so we couldn't swim or enjoy the beach which was the whole point of going there. But at least we know a place to go in the future. Grant tried making a sandcastle but his hands started feeling like icicles so we had to go back inside.


  1. It looks beautiful. I am so so so impressed with all your new computer savvy. Kay

  2. Lisa,
    The pictures were beautiful.
    I love your idea of camping.
    A daughter-in-law after my own heart!!!!!
    Love Jane