camp food

Wow, is she really still talking about that camping trip of hers? Yes, she is. Do you want to know what is really funny, we were only there for 1 day. One day and she can't stop talking about it, that girl needs some help.
When we first got to Needles I knew I wanted to eat at the Burger Hut. Last year it was closed this!!! When Grant looked around he thought the place looked like "a dump". I told him that I thought it looked charming and that places like this often have the best food. Mommy was right. We had excellent hamburgers, fries and onion rings and Grant really loved his root beer milkshake.
We had some fun snacks while camping, one was Inside Out S'mores. You take a marshmallow, hollow it out a bit in the middle, fill it with a small piece of cookie and chocolate chips, then you roast your marshmallow. It was very sweet and rich. The other snack was Summer Sausage S'mores ( You place a slice of summer sausage on the grill. The heat from the grill will make it curl up into a cup shape. Then you turn the cup over and place a piece of cheddar cheese in it, let it sit there until it melts. Then place on a cracker and eat. You can put your favorite mustard on the cracker if you like. All three of us really loved this and we definitely want to have it again.


  1. inside out smores, I've never heard of that. I was looking at the picture trying to figure out what they were. The sausage things look yummy.

  2. Grant,
    Good pictures.
    It looks like some interesting food.
    I know you had fun with your Mom and Dad.
    I sure do miss you.
    Love Grandma