Grant showing me a bug he found in the pool, aah boys!!
Remember when you were a kid and swimming was so, so fun. Even if the pool was freezing cold. You quickly got used to the water and swam around and life was good. Remember when you didn't have to worry about what you looked like in a bathing suit!!! Grant had so much fun swimming when we went camping and the water was FREEZING cold. He was the only one in the pool so he got to do as many cannonballs as he liked because there was no one there to splash. I love these pictures of Grant so happy and carefree just like every kids life should be.

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  1. Hello Family,
    The mini vacation get away looked great.
    Grant, I love a pool too but I am not as brave as you !!!!!
    That water looks awful COLD.
    I love that you send out pictures.
    If we can not be there with you, pictures are one of the next best things.
    Take care and keep enjoying.
    I am so proud of all of your.
    It makes my heart sing to see that you enjoy all the Lord has given you.
    Lisa you are a great role model.
    Love and miss you all.
    Mom / Grandma