thanksgiving decorating

Just for fun I thought I'd show you some of my Thanksgiving decorating. The display on my kitchen counter was left over from Halloween I just added the little turkey and put the craft acorns in the pedestal dish. I have to do pumpkins in the house now because Grant only wants scary Halloween decorations outside. Although I'm pretty strict about not allowing anything creepy. But skeletons are o.k. and Frankenstein. Anyway back to Thanksgiving.....We bought a new dining room table this year and this is the first time we've actually used it. So I had a lot of fun decorating it for the first time. What's ironic is as much fun as I had decorating for Thanksgiving. I am just dreading having to decorate for Christmas. There is just so much stuff! Yesterday Tom brought all of the Christmas boxes out of the garage into the house. While I was very busy doing important stuff (like putting my Shrimp Delight recipe on the blog) Grant kept coming up to me with random Christmas things and saying "where does this go?" I'd say I don't know, I'll worry about it later. Then 5 minutes would go by and he'd come to me with something else "where does this go?" Just give me a chance, I'll put on some good Christmas tunes and I'll get in the Christmas decorating spirit soon enough...I hope!

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  1. Lisa'
    Your table looked great.
    I know everyone enjoyed themselves.
    3 1/2 weeks till Christmas!
    Have joy and delight in getting ready for that Holy day.
    Love and miss you.