thanksgiving feasting

We were so blessed to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our dear friends, Brian & Babette and Jeff, Gina & Chris. It was such a relaxed, fun day. After eating we all rolled ourselves into the living and family rooms. The guys watching football and us ladies gabbing. I had meant for us to all play a board game together later in the evening, but the food put me in such a stupor that we never got around to it. I love a holiday that revolves around good food!...uh, I mean being thankful.
Lord, I am so very thankful for good friends and all the overflowing blessings in our lives. amen


  1. Why is everyone else praying while you are posing for the camera:) Your table looks beautiful and I hope we get to spend a holiday together soon. I am very thankful I have you in my life. kay

  2. Okay, I looked again and I guess everyone else is just looking down at their yummy food. Kay

  3. Awwww! It was so nice! Thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

  4. What a nice table.
    You all look like you are enjoying yourselves and are at peace.
    I know you all had a great time.
    Friends are God's gift.
    Love and miss you all.