things I enjoy

You know that really famous lady who's name starts with O. She has her favorite things. Well I am not copying all. This is totally different! I'm just going to occasionally share with you things that I enjoy. I have my sister to thank for this one. Clinique's eye liner pencils. They twist up on one end. The other end has this thing that lets you smudge your eye liner for a nice soft look. I usually do not buy expensive make-up and these are pricey. But in Las Vegas your eye liner stays soft so when I would go to sharpen my eye liner pencil I would lose half of the pencil in the trash can. I thought about keeping it in the fridge, but I don't want to have to go into the kitchen everyday when I put my face on. A lady at church suggested getting the eye liner that twists up. I bought a cheaper brand but it didn't work that well. I can justify spending a little more on my eye liner for these reasons: I don't spend a lot on my other make-up, these last a long time, they work really well, they have the smudgy thing at the end which is hard to find and well, I just really like them. My favorite color to use is slate. It's a nice dark gray and looks good with any color that you wear.

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  1. I have one I tried to use the other day and it didn't really work, then I realized I think I've had it for years! So expensive, but they last a while. Not that I wear eyeliner as much as you. Not saying that you need it more than I do. What am I saying? Kay