viva las vegas

We went to a basketball game today. It was UNLV vs. USD. Ha, ha, ha I know girls read this blog and you don't know what I'm talking about. Allow me to translate. The University of Nevada Las Vegas (Rebels) vs. The University of San Diego (toreros). What is a torero? I have nooo idea, but what I do know is we beat them!! The final score was 65 to 60. GO REBELS! It was a very exciting game and we had so much fun. Our throats were a little sore afterwards from screaming so much.
My wonderful husband also took me to my most favorite fast food restaurant ever, Taco Time!!! In Washington, where I grew up there were Taco Times everywhere. But when I lived in California and Illinois there weren't any ( there is a little tear in my eye right now thinking about it). There are Taco Time's in Las Vegas, but they are pretty far from our house. We had never been to this location before and it totally rocked. Kudos to you Russell rd Taco Time.


  1. YUM!!! The food looks SO good!!! Taco Time for lunch girlfriend, no matter how far it is; let's do it some time!! Glad you had such a great time at the game:)
    Have a great week!!

  2. I can't believe you posted a picture of your taco time food. This is such a fun blog. Madison is listening to me laughing and keeps saying "whats so funny" ? Kay

  3. Oh the pressure I have everytime we travel. Before the internet I could just tell Lisa there is no taco time where we are going. Now the darn internet rats me out everytime. Tom

  4. Hello Kids,
    I just love this blog !!!!!1
    I am starting to find my way around it a little better with trial and error.
    I need a spell checker!!!!
    Is there one?
    I can not tell you how much my heart sings seeing you all having such fun.
    Joy makes the Lord smile.
    It was good seeing Tom's pictures too.
    Have a blessed day.
    Love and blessings.