baking good

Lisa with her Haystacks

I don't like to bake. The reason I don't like it is...I'm not good at it. I was recently asked to participate in a cookie exchange. They asked you to bring 3 dozen cookies. I baked 11 dozen cookies. I get carried away sometimes. I decided to make one kind that I've made before and can't screw up. Then I decided to make two other kinds because it was an opportunity to try new recipes, something I like to do.
The problem with baking is you have to be so precise. You have to measure things just right. You have to mix things well, but don't over mix! If you don't bake the cookies long enough they are doughie in the center. If you bake them to long they are too crisp or worse, burnt.
I like to cook because you can put in a little of this, a little of that. You can change things up. For me it's more interesting.
The moral of this story...don't invite me to your cookie exchange!
p.s. two out of the three types of cookies turned out


  1. what other kinds did you make? Kay

  2. I made O'Henry's and Fudge cakes. The O'Henry's are my no brainer cookies.The fudge cakes were a big disapoinment. I will not make them again.