Who is that cutie peeking over my shoulder?
Cutie the II

The Amazing Bowling Man

"Nice Form"

Bumper Boy

Wow! I've never been this close to Tom's score before.

....and she broke 100...incredible!!!!

We went bowling recently and had a lot of fun. I actually bowled better my second game than my first. This is unusual for me because I usually suffer from wrist fatigue after my first game.
Bowling balls are heavy! and I am very delicate.


  1. Hey Family,
    I love the pictures.
    I so enjoy seeing your family time.
    it makes me feel as if I am there for a few minutes.
    Grant keep up the good work.
    I think you will be beating Dad and Mom in no time.
    Keep having fun.
    Love and Miss you all.

  2. Tom and Grant are such good looking guys. Luke keeps reminding me of Grant. For some reason I am the only one who thinks that. For some reason, Liz thinks Luke looks like Craig. Luke and Mattie spent the day here yesterday and we all made fudge. It was so fun. Kenneth enjoyed it too. I sure wish Grant were here. Luke took a nap in my arms. That was heaven.