christmas lights

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to put up our Christmas tree. I tested all three strands of lights before putting them on the tree. Once they were all placed on the tree, many of them stopped working...grrrrr. I've been having trouble with these lights for a couple of years now, so even though it was about 7:30p.m. Grant and I decided to make a Walmart run to get new lights. I decided to pay a bit more and get LED lights because they are supposed to be better. I thought it would be better to pay more now and have them last longer. Here's what I found out, LED lights let off a very, pure white light. Where regular white Christmas lights have a bit of a yellowish glow. The pure, white is pretty when the lights are the only things on the tree, but many of my decorations are gold so the yellowish lights complement my ornaments better. However due to the time of night I decided, oh well, I'm keeping these lights and let's just get on with decorating the tree. Next was ribbon. I've been using the same ribbon for many, many years and it was starting to look worn. Last year I got beautiful new ribbon at an after Christmas sale. So it's all ready to go on the tree this year...uh oh. This new ribbon is only nine feet in length and my old ribbon was thirty!! feet. Wow,this is going sooooo well.
At least one thing went well, I had Grant there with me. I really can't say this enough...Isn't he so cute!


  1. Hello,
    What wonderful pictures!
    That Grant is so good looking and smart.
    The tree is coming along nicely.
    Wish we could be togrther.
    Love and miss you all.
    Grant you are doing a great job.
    Wish you could help me!!!
    Love Grandma