christmas p.j.'s

I bought Grant new pajamas today. I wanted him to be wearing cute p.j.'s when we are opening our presents on Christmas morning. Grant also needed to have some decent pajamas to wear to school on Friday. Each day this week has been a different theme at Grant's school and this Friday guessed it, pajama day. Grant normally wears a pair of pajama shorts to bed and no shirt (he's hot blooded). That would not do for school! I love the red robe, Grant has never had a bathrobe before. I know he will probably only wear it once (to school on Friday), but I couldn't resist, it was so cute. I liked the red pajamas best, but Grant loves penguins so I couldn't decide which pair to get soooo I got them both!
I wasn't happy with my Christmas tree and each time I looked at it I felt gloomy instead of happy. I figured out it was the new ribbon I put on the tree this year. So I started searching the stores for different ribbon and couldn't find what I was looking for. Today I found cute enough ribbon at Michael's that was 70% off. So I got it and if I find better ribbon next year I won't feel bad replacing this years bargain ribbon.
So what do you think? The original ribbon is in the picture where Grant is standing next to the tree. The new ribbon is in the bottom picture. I think the red and green plaid is festive.
I hope all your Christmas shopping is going well!!

1 comment:

  1. Charles and I like the new ribbon!!
    Charles said the new ribbon brightens up the tree.

    Hey grant,
    We love the new PJ's
    They are cute, just like you.
    Friday sounds like a fun day at school.
    But remember. No sleeping in class!
    Have a great week.
    Love to all.