on the verge

Earlier this month I showed you a few of the many, many holes that were in my walls due to all our pipes being replaced. Well unfortunately things have been going wrong ever since. One day the washing machine doesn't work, another day Grant's bathroom sink, another day the pipe under the kitchen sink was leaking and everything under the sink was soaking wet. Our phone books were soaked all the way through. Luckily phone books aren't important. Well the latest thing happened in the room we use as our office. I went in one morning and the carpet was soaking wet in spots. I checked with Tom and Grant and neither of them had been in the room, so I knew nobody had spilled water in there. Later that day I showed the foreman and he seemed puzzled and said to "keep an eye on it." I was upset because I knew it had something to do with the pipes but I couldn't prove it. So I began to pray and God showed me what the problem was. The day after Christmas as I was pulling the car into the garage I saw that the garage wall (which is behind our office) was all wet. So the plumbing guys came and it turns out that one of the fittings in our water softener had malfunctioned and water was leaking. So now half of the wall has been cut out of our office and garage and half of my carpet has been pulled up etc. There is plastic sheeting taped up and a fan has to run 24 hours a day. Tomorrow the inspectors will come to test for mold and such. My gut feeling is that the test will come out fine and they will be able to put the room back together soon.
I tell you there are times when I get tired of putting on a smiley face! I want to cry or yell...I'm on the verge, people!!! But, I'm holding it together and reminding myself constantly of the blessings. Every problem that has come up, this company has rushed to take care of as soon as possible. Always with a good attitude, always apologizing. Our foreman is a very sweet, young man. I was telling Tom how God is teaching me what a huge difference you can make in someones life when you have a positive attitude and a smile.
I just pray that this is all over soon. It has not been a great way to spend the Christmas holiday.


  1. Oh my gosh girl!!! What a mess you are dealing with:( Let me know if you need to get out, I will be here and you and Grant are welcome ANY time:)
    Hang in there! Looking forward to see you and Grant on Friday!!!
    Love ya!!

    Exodus 14:14

  2. wow! Unbelievable! I am having plumbing problems too but nothing like you. I hope they get everything fixed for you soon. love, Mom