pity party

No those aren't presents under the tree!! We have to get all the pipes for all the plumbing in our house re-done this week. Pipes in our neighborhood were exploding, so the good news is that the company that built our houses is re- doing all the plumbing at no charge to us. I know that this is a blessing. But if you will allow me to have a pity party for a moment, please. We had to take everything out of every bathroom, laundry room and part of the kitchen and that is what is sitting under (near) my Christmas tree right now. We also had to move a bunch of stuff around in our garage. I had just recently cleaned out the garage and had it nice and organized. I also had put up the Christmas stuff in the house and had it sparkling clean and now THIS...waaaah. Tomorrow they will be banging a bunch of holes in the walls of my house. So even though my head knows that this is a blessing, my heart is crying at the MESS!!!


  1. I feel your pain:( But on the bright side, no pipes burst in your house so no flooding mess to clean up:)

  2. Oh my gosh! I soo understand....if you can't take it anymore you just come over for a glass of wine:)

  3. I hope all goes well and fast!!!!
    Your tree loks nice.
    Love Jane