carpet pad

Due to the water damage in our office, half of our carpet pad had to be thrown away. So one day this week some carpet installers came to replace it. There was just one problem. Can you guess what is was???? The new pad is three times thicker than the old pad! So our office floor was like a hill and a valley. So I complained (nicely) and the installers came back and put new padding on the other side of the floor, so it is all nice and even. I mentioned to the installers that the old pad looks like something you'd find inside your shoe. They said they call it "why bother to have a pad, pad." What is distressing is this pathetic pad is what is in the REST OF OUR HOUSE! Before we knew this, we were blissfully unaware that anything was wrong with our carpet pad. It's not something that we ever thought about. But now we trudge down our hard, cement like hallway and then step into our office where it feels as if we are walking on a cloud. Well you live, you learn. If we were ever to buy new carpet someday we will definitely spring for a nice thick pad! (it is oh so very nice)

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