christmas deer

I love deer. Over the years I've been buying deer figures at the after Christmas sales.
This year I realized I had A LOT of deer figures.

I wasn't sure where to put them all.

They are pretty though.
But this year I decided I wasn't going to get ANY more deer figure.
I saw some really neat ones 50% off at Pier One, but I did NOT get them.
But, a new deer ornament is o.k.
He joins these two deer ornaments I already have.
In fact I think I need more deer ornaments!
Maybe I'll get crafty next year and make some.
I also got this cute deer nutcracker.

They will join these nutcrackers.
I need to give away that silver one, he looks weird.
Who does he think he is, disco Santa?!
Oh, yeah. I did get this deer figure. But he's going to go outside so it DOESN'T count!


  1. But the best dear of them all is the one who created this blog.


  2. Lisa,
    Ilove this blog!
    I am learning so much.
    After all these years, I did not know you liked deers.
    Love and miss you.