lovely visit

My grandparents came to visit us today. They live in Idaho so we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. They travel in the winter and I am so happy that visiting me was a part of their itinerary. Grant's growing so much he may be taller than grandma soon. It was a really nice visit. My poor grandma, she didn't even want her picture taken and I go and put it on my blog. I'm sorry grandma but I think you are beautiful! I love you G.G.!!!


  1. Hello Grant and Lisa,
    What a nice picture.
    Not only is Grant getting close to Greatgrandma's height, it will not be long Lisa till he catches you.
    I am glad you all had a nice time.
    Visits like that are true blessings.
    Love and miss you all.

  2. I'm always surprised to see how mom looks in pictures and in person too. I always think of her as looking how she looked when I was younger and she was younger. Come to think of it, sometimes it is a shock to see what I look like. I talked to her today and they are in Yuma.