new park

Grant and I went to a new park that is near our neighborhood today. Grant brought his new electric scooter with him that he got for Christmas. After zooming around for awhile he wanted to check out the new playground. So I sat on a bench to read and he left his scooter with me so he could go play. Suddenly I became very popular with young boys in the 3-4 year old range. They would come over and admire the scooter, ask questions about the scooter, and tell me about their scooters. It was so cute. One little boy wanted to know where was Grant. So I pointed out where he was on the playground. Then he asked "Is his Dad here?" I told him no. He then asked...
boy: "Where is his Dad?"
me: "He is at the gym"
boy: "The jungle gym?"


  1. Wow that looks like a great park. Kids are just so cute! Grant reminds me of Kenneth when he was that age. I miss you guys. love, mom

  2. Where is Grant's helmet? It's funny to see a park without grass. Luke was looking at the picture and tried to say "Grant" (with prompting) he's starting to try to talk more it's so cute. Speaking of where's your daddy, while dad was here visiting we were talking to our neighbors and their 3 year old says "who's your new daddy?" Madison knew what he was talking about and said right away "that's not my daddy, that's my grandpa Glen!" Kay

  3. Grant,
    You look wonderful in the pictures.
    Wish I could of been there to see you.
    I am looking forward to seeing you sometime soon.
    Love and Miss you.

  4. Grant your new scooter looks great. Can i try it next time i visit. Love Papa