rebels win again

I don't like this picture of me, but I wanted you to see our matching shirts. Aaaah how sweet.
Tom looks extra cute so that makes up for my lack of cuteness.

9 year old boys are weirdos!!
Grant and Tyler ready for the game to begin.
We went to another UNLV Rebels basketball game. Las Vegas played against the New Mexico Lobos. Lobos is wolf in Spanish, aren't you glad you read this blog, some of you learned something today! We took Grants friend Tyler to the game with us and he is spending the night. Since the moment we picked Tyler up Grant has been talking NON-STOP. Poor Tyler's ears are going to be sore tomorrow.
For those of you in Las Vegas I wanted to let you know about the restaurant we went to before the game. Strings Italian Cafe on Tropicana. Good food and excellent service, I think they re-filled our bread basket five times...mmmmmm!


  1. You guys look so cute! Kay

  2. Strings, you say? I will have to see if they have a coupon in the Entertainment Book. :)

  3. How fun!!! You all look great (you too Lisa:)
    Thanks for the restaurant tip!!

  4. It looks like you all are having a fun time.
    I pray 2009 is filled with happy and loving times.
    Love Jane