Last night while my family was in bed I was "working" on my blog. When I finished I did the same thing I do every night before going to bed. I went to check on Grant. Usually he is sound asleep. This night he was awake and complaining of not being able to fall asleep. So I discussed some things he could think about that would help him fall asleep and then went to bed. Once in bed I found that I could not stop tossing and turning and that I too was having trouble falling asleep. So I decided, I'll get up and go talk to Grant. I crept down the hall to his room and found him....sound asleep. So I did what any normal person would do....I decided to take pictures of him! I love looking at his round cheeks, they remind me of when he was a baby. What's that you say? You wouldn't think of taking pictures of your sleeping children-you're weird!


  1. Did he really pose for these pictures? (he he) the bed looks too perfect. You make a great model Grant. Kay

  2. Hello Grant.
    Honey, you better be careful when you are in the shower!
    Your Mom is picture funny.
    Really, I love all the pictures of you.
    It makes me miss you more, if that could really be true, but I do enjoy seeing the pictures of you.
    Grant you bring a smile to my face and thankfullness in my heart.
    I love and miss you.
    Always Grandma