water cycle

In December Grant brought home a paper saying he needed to make either a diorama or poster board showing the water cycle. If it looks like I helped him a lot, I did. But it's o.k. because the paper was labeled Family Science Project. I knew Grant would want to make a diorama, but I knew it would be difficult to cram everything into a shoe box. So I enticed him into doing the poster board instead by telling him we could make it three dimensional. He thought that sounded cool. One big shopping trip to Michael's later, here's what we made:
For Condensation and Precipitation we made clouds out of stretched cotton balls and used silver, clear, and metallic blue beads for rain and snow.
For Ground Water we used metallic blue paint then glued blue, curly ribbon on it and glued on some plastic fish I had bought at a garage sale about 6 years ago ( I always knew they'd come in handy some day!).
We also glued green florist foam and rocks for the ground and some foam trees.
For Evaporation we used clear and light blue bunches of beads and a foam sun.
The thing that was the most fun was making the mountains. We took the foam trees from Michael's and cut off their sides then used plaster of paris so they were nice and textured and then painted them. We glued everything to a piece of foam core so it would be nice and sturdy.
We...oops I mean Grant got 50 points on the assignment, which was the highest grade you could get. Yay us...I mean Yay Grant!!
p.s. I saw the other kids projects at school and believe me they all had lots of parental involvement. Grant also had to give a presentation on the water cycle and I wasn't there for it. He did great, so he really learned about the water cycle from doing this project.


  1. Great job Shatzer family! Kay

  2. Wow nicely done!!! Looks like you spend a lot of time making it, and it paid off, yay!!!

  3. Grant,
    What a great job!!!!!
    You and your Mom make a great team.
    Your Dad too, but I know he works alot.
    Grant you are good at so many things.
    You will have many things to choose from for a career.
    Do not grow up to fast.
    I still need more time with you.
    Love Always Grandma