spring mountain

I've been in the mood to get away, to go on a little weekend trip. Unfortunately the timing with Tom's work is just not right so we can't go anywhere. Then I remembered that I have a get away in my own backyard. So Grant and I took off for the Spring Mountains recreational area. It's only 25 minutes away. I took pictures of the thermometer in my car so you can see the dramatic change. In the driveway in front of our house the temp was 52 degrees and as we headed North the temp kept dropping. When we reached our destination the temp had fallen to 31 degrees. Twenty five minutes producing a 20 degree temperature drop, I think that is amazing.
I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Lisa and Grant,
    the pictures were beautiful!
    I am glad I do not have to live in that snow all season long.
    It is just unbelievable the weather odds in Las Vegas.
    It would be interesting to know where the duck ends up.
    I wonder if you could duplicate it with a note and see if it goes the same place.
    I am sure the weather conditions would have to bee the same.
    Oh well,I am sure you will have surpised someone somewhere!
    It is great being a part of your alls adventures.
    Love Jane/Grandma