when it rains in vegas......

We only average 3-4 inches of rain a year in Las Vegas. So when it does rain the drains go into shock and it usually floods. Now there is something I've been wanting to do on one of these flood days for four years. Come along for the "adventure."

Take one long, down hill street....

And one widdle, rubber ducky......

On your mark....get set.......


It was an excellent ride for widdle ducky....until he went down the storm drain, oops.
I hope he lands in some exotic port. I am easily amused.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! You guys let him go down the drain?? ....sigh......at least he had an exciting end:)

  2. That is to funny! Yesterday I really wanted to go splashing around in the floods like I did growing up, but it was a little cold for me. **sigh** Maybe next time I will buck up.

  3. I love the little ducky... he looks like he'll be safe since he has a life ring. ;) That is a lot of rain!