antique shopping

I had such a lovely Saturday. First my friend Gina and I had a wonderful brunch at my friend Babette's house. After sitting around chatting awhile we decided to go antique shopping. Tom was working, so Grant got stuck hanging out with "the ladies." But he told me today that he had fun, so you don't need to feel too sorry for him.
Unfortunately there aren't a lot of antique shops in Las Vegas. We managed to find two antique malls that none of us had been to before. No purchases were made (shocking!) but it was fun browsing, chatting, and recommending hideous, rainbow, prom dresses to each other. "Oh this would look perfect on you!"
After all that shopping a girl's got to eat. We ran through the Mc Donald's drive through for Grant and then went next door to my favorite Greek restaurant for lunch. Well it's actually the only Greek restaurant I've been to in Las Vegas, but I love it so much that I don't want to try any other's (in case you're wondering it's called Yassou's). Lemon chicken pita, yum.
When we got back to Babette's house, we all just sat in the driveway in Gina's truck, talking and laughing. good times, good times...


  1. It looks like you all were having a good time.
    Nothing is so special as good friends!
    Grant is such a good sport.

  2. We had a blast!! Thanks Lisa, Gina and Grant for a very fun Saturday:)