ideal day?

I noticed this ad recently for Honda's CR-V. It looked to me like somebodies idea of a perfect day. 8:15 pancakes, 11:04 shopping, 1:32 cupcake, etc. Grant and I decided it would be fun to recreate this day. Minus the pedicure, it's to early for this frugal mama to get a pedicure.

First off, pancakes...yummy.
So far, so good.


I got these cute flip flops.
They will look great when I do get that pedicure.
Grant got something called Bakugan.
Apparently it's all the rage with 4th grade boys.

Cupcake time.
This one is called chocolate fountain.

Retro Bakery in Las Vegas rocks!

Grant's really enjoying this day!

O.K. cupcakes and then cookies, yikes!

We finished the day off with the hot chocolate.
I got very sick that night from way to much sugar.
So the first part of the day was fun, the second half, not so much.
You may have noticed that Tom has not been
appearing in the blog lately.
This is because he has been working nearly every weekend.
We really appreciate him working so hard for our family.
There would be no Mommy & Grant day of fun if
it weren't for his hard work.
We love you so much!!!


  1. I was reading quickly and thought you said fungi (as in fungus) instead of frugal :) Kay

  2. Looks like it was a great day.(till later)
    I think it is wonderful Lisa, how you can take a simple experience and make it into something special.
    That is a great gift and we all can learn from you.
    Thank you again for sharing.
    It means so much to see you all enjoying.
    Grant you looked great in the pictures.
    You too Lisa.
    Love and Miss you all.
    Always Grandma

  3. I love Retro Bakery. Aren't they SO yummy? That does indeed look like a perfect day. If you threw in a nap, even better!

  4. Wow, what a great day! Perhaps a good day for Tom not to be around since there was sooo much sugar involved for both you and Grant:) I have never heard of Retro Bakery....sounds and looks very yummy....maybe it is time for me to get a little extra sugar too:)

  5. Those cupcakes looked GOOD!!!