outdoor wednesday

I am participating in Outdoor Wednesday's.
you can get linked to bloggers from all
over the country showing you their gardens.

The Cassia bush is a lovely, feathery plant that is
now covered and dripping in bright, yellow flowers.

Lavender blooming.

My Mexican Sage really needed a haircut.
I was purposely leaving the dead wood on the plant in case it turned cold again. The dead branches help protect it from the cold, like a blanket. But then I saw that it was starting to bloom (it usually blooms in September) and decided to get to work.

Here it is after it's big trim.

Now you can see the fuzzy, purple flowers.

A little bench that sits outside our front door.

The Ornamental Kale is getting too lanky. It's time to put something new in.
Spring is here in Las Vegas and I'm ready to start gardening!


  1. You must be a little warmer than us (Arizona)... My lavender is just budding... I just planted that same ground cover that is by your little bench... How long has those 2 plants been in the ground? Mine is just sitting there...

  2. I think the ground cover has been in about 1 1/2 years. It usually has some flowers on it year round in Las Vegas. It grows really well here and then somtimes will suddenly die out. This spot in my yard is shady but gets very hot in the summer so it's been really difficult to find plants that do well in this part of my yard.
    The name of the ground cover is Dark Eyes Heron's Bill-Erodium hybrid "dark eyes". Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Lisa!Love all your plants...the cassia is a gorgeous feathery plant!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  4. Loved seeing those plants, but lavender is one of my favorites!!!! Thank you for sharing. Sue

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Spring seems early in most places, my plants are barely coming alive themselves. Thanks for sharing ... Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Lovely photos. When I grew lavender, it never looked that good and had to battle fungusall the time. Yours looks great!
    Happy OW!

  7. Hi Lisa-
    Thanks for leaving me a comment! I luv your little bench and also the cassia. I also planted cassias recently. J'adore the bright yellow flowers they produce. Looking forward to reading more about your blog!

  8. Hi :) and thanks for leaving a comment about my bench picture. I love your bench pictures too! They're all great pictures. I especially like the lavender.

  9. Gorgeous pics! I don't think I've ever seen cassias. How long does it bloom?


  10. I'm glad you mentioned Las Vegas. I was wondering where all that growing was going on. My sage bloomed in fall and is just starting to poke out of the ground, here in Northern California.

    Kathy b

  11. Love your pics! Seeing your lavender makes me miss mine...I guess I'm going to have to plant some more! Have a great day!c

  12. Oh gorgeous! I love seeing the pictures from warmer climes than ours. I am really looking forward to spring, and this is such a welcome sight, those lovely plants in your garden.

  13. Seeing you plants makes me even more anxious for spring. I can hardly wait to have plants blooming again, especially my lavender.
    Thanks for sharing yours.


  14. Thanks Lisa! We are almost neighbors... well we are in the same growing zone I think... Its gets super hot here too... I put my ground cover in mostly sun! No wonder it just sits there... its been in for about 9 months... My daughter grew a baby in that time... my ground cover just sat there! Thanks for replying and thanks for visiting my blog...
    *really Rainey

  15. Love the pictures of all of your beautiful plant. Lavender is one of my favorites. Kathy