outdoor wednesday

Sweet Susan hosts Outdoor Wednesday.
To see other photos of the great outdoors go to:

This sweet bunny is wishing you an early Happy Easter.
He sits next to our rosemary plant.

Berries on our umbrella tree.

My husband took these pictures of what
I think is a hummingbird moth.
He liked our lantana.

When my husband showed me the photos
he said "maybe it will make the blog"
Yes honey, they made it on the blog. Great job!

A pot of succulents that sits on our patio.

Our flowering plum tree.

These flowers are growing in the Home Depot parking lot.
They are so pretty I just had to show you.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Loved all the flowers, and the hummingbird moth. It seems you have a very supportive husband when it comes to blogging like I do, my dear hubby has been my biggest cheerleader. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Lisa! Beautiful flowers...and your husband got some amazing shots of the hummingbird (tell him thanks!)
    Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  3. i love moths...they are one of my favorite things in nature...great pictures.

  4. Great pictures of beautiful flowers.

  5. Love the little bunny next to the rosemary and your flowers are gorgeous. And the flowering plum is so pretty, one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by. Kathy

  6. Hi Lisa!
    Your photos are just lovely! They really show the promise of Spring! happy O.W. to you!

  7. Your photos show that Spring has come to Las Vegas too. Nice to see the hummer in motion.

    Kathy b

  8. You have beautiful flowers! and the huge jar holding your cactus is my fave :-)

    I'm delivering you a cupful of strawberry salad since you like fresh strawberries :-)

    \ / )

    I hope it looks like one :-)

  9. What a lovely garden you have, Lisa! I love your bunny!

  10. Your flowers are lovely and I love the one with the moth!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Thanks for sharing this lovely pictures. You and your husband both did such a good job of capturing Spring in your photos. laurie

  12. What a pretty garden you have. The plum tree is beautiful and your pot of succulents is lovely.


  13. Hey Lisa...
    Thanks for sharing! Love how your husband got that shot of the hummingbird moth .. Whatever that plant is at the Home Depot parking lot sure is beautiful .. bet the hummingbirds would love it.

  14. The lantanas are perfect...I remember they have a nice scent to them. And your husband is so sweet for taking the photo!

  15. Your photos are lovely. I believe that you are right, that is a hummingbird moth. We see them quite often in our flowers.

  16. Really lovely, especially the plum tree blossoms. That caught my eye right away.

  17. Love the moth on the lantana. They are huge! And isn't it funny how these hubby's like to get in on the action!

  18. Oh my goodness...that plant trailing out of the succulent urn...I hadn't seen that in decades, but I know my mom had some. Is it string of pearls? That's the name that popped into my head from some ancient memory.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  19. You got me that urn of succulents. Wow. We have a lot of Lantana in Florida. I plant it for the butterflys, and then have to fight to keep it in check. We don't have hummingbirds here except for a few that slip off their migratory path. I have to see if we get the hummingbird moths. A great substitute!

  20. GM Lisa thanks for showning all your DH's beautiful pics today...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. Pretty flowers and a very cute bunny!

  22. You have beautiful flowers and garden. We have a lot of hummingbirds but I have never seen a moth, Thank your hubby for sharing that pic with us...Christine

  23. Oh I love your blog! What gorgeous pics! I have never seen a hummingbird moth. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

    Sheri ~~ Prim Rose Hill

  24. Beautiful flowers, but I loved the umbrella tree best!


    Sheila :-)

  25. Lisa,
    The pictures were great.
    Tell Tom he did a good job.
    The hummingbird moth was so interesting!
    I did not know there was such a thing.
    Thanks for all the trouble you go through for our enjoyment too.
    Love Jane

  26. Cool moth, and cool succulents too. One thing I liked about Santa Barbara was that there were tons and tons of succulents growing wild on the beaches. They look like they come from another planet.