st paddy's day fun

Grant's school encouraged the kids to dress up today.
Isn't he O'funky!
I made him cinnamon toast for breakfast this morning and put green sprinkles on it. I decided not to post the picture because it looked liked I was feeding my child moldy bread.

My husband was so sweet......

He brought home green flowers for me!!

We had this greenish snack before dinner.
It's from Costco and it is sooo yummy.

For dinner we had beef skewers with fresh rosemary and thyme.
Grilled onions, fried potatoes and cabbage.

For dessert...frozen pistachio pie.
We had fun, I hope you did too!!!


  1. Wow! Dinner looked so delicious, YUM!!! Love your blog, good job:)

  2. Can we come live with you, I want all this yummy food and fun projects and beautiful things indoors and outdoors. I want to be you when I grow up. Kay:)