thrifty thursday

Last weekend I went to one of my favorite
antique malls and I spied this cute chair.
It definitely needs a make-over......

.....but I think she has pretty legs.

....... and it was only $5.00!!!!
I couldn't believe it.
I thought the chair must be falling apart, but it's very sturdy.
I must of checked the tag ten times before taking it up to the register.

These napkin rings are at Walgreen's, 2/$1.

They match my chargers perfectly.

Thanks to Leigh for hosting Thrifty Thursday.
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  1. Wow! Girl! You got some great finds! That chair is pretty, great lines. I can just imagine it recovered. Or even with a coat of fresh paint. Or even "antiqued" a bit more. And those napkins rings...they remind me of my favorite place to the sea!
    Thanks so much for participating this week! I really appreciate it. Great finds!

  2. Er,excuse me,but isn't that MY chair?WHAT A DEAL.YOWZER!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT IT.I WANT IT.
    Man can go with you next time?That is an awesome chair.
    And you are so right,Those napkin holders match like they were meant to be together,,,Ann

  3. I once bought a set of 6 chairs at auction for $10. It is truly amazing the deals you can get on really nice chairs -- If you do a makeover on it, be sure to do a full before and after shoot :)

  4. Hi Lisa, You're right, that chair does have great legs! That's what attracts me to an old piece - the details. It could be completely falling apart, but if it has nice detail work - I'll snatch it up. Great find!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - yours is awesome!

  5. Now girl, you're gonna have to tell me how I can be a follower of your wonderful blog! I don't see a "Followers" link. Anyway - I love your taste!!

  6. Great find for $5. She does have pretty legs.

  7. Wow!! What a great find:) You did awesome! Beautiful legs on the chair, indeed. You are doing a wonderful job with your bargain hunting and your blog is always a true joy to read:)

  8. Great chair! Great napkin holders! I just found you blog. Thank you!