train ride

Grant and I went on a train ride at the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum. Come along for the ride. All Aboard....

Isn't she a beauty!

It's a 45 minutes train ride. You have the choice of riding in an enclosed car or an open air car.

We chose open air. You end up with crazy wind swept hair afterwards, but it's totally worth it.
It was a lovely sunny day and we wanted to experience it.
There were wildflowers everywhere. Lots and lots of yellow ones as you can see in this picture, but also some purple, white and orange. I wish I could have taken some close up pictures, but it's difficult to do on a moving train.

Grant took this photo of a golf course that we passed.
That white line on the mountain is a huge man made waterfall.

The wheels are almost as tall as Grant!

A breezy day, but a really fun day.

Grant, next to an old, wooden, red caboose.
I thought the caboose would be an appropriate end to the post.
Tomorrow, I'll show a few more trains.


  1. I'm playing catch up blogs today ... loved your train post because trains are the most magical of all forms of transportation. The shining knights were also fun ... I love roasting asparagus and usually prepare it this way. Have a great week!

  2. What fun! Nice pictures.
    We have a train museum in Fairfielg too.
    Charles and I took a train ride that was available at it one spring and the wild flowers were just beautiful.
    Love and miss you all.