burros of fun

Last week-end we visited Oatman Arizona. It's a little western town and everyday wild burros come down from the hills and visit the town because people feed them.

The first stop for the burros was this store that had some green stuff for them to eat.

mmmmm yummy

Look at this cute, white baby burro.

They are used to people.
We just made sure to stay away from their backsides.

You can buy bags of carrots from the merchants.

My two favorite guys and a burro.

After he ate the carrots he decided he really liked us and he would follow us anywhere.


  1. Cute pix Lisa! I love the one of the burro following your hubby and son! Did he come home with you?? LOL!!

  2. That is really cool. Thanks for sharing. I know you all had fun!

    Hugs, Lisa