french market

This week-end the boys and I went to the grand opening of a french market at a nearby shopping center.

This shopping center was built with one part old world style.....

...and one part classic American style.

There were roses blooming everywhere. It was really lovely.

There is a florist shop that I love. They also have really pretty things for your home.

The French market consisted of food vendors, artists, crafts etc. French music was playing in the background. One thing I thought was funny is the only food vendor was selling hot dogs and corn on the cob. Not very French, but as this continues hopefully more vendors will sign up.

This produce stand was the cutest one I have ever seen. Look at the colorful baskets and the price tags were adorable.

Some flowers and vintage style aprons.

Almost as soon as we got there Levi wanted to eat. Luckily I found a bench in the shade at the playground. I was really thrilled when I saw my friend Sarah and we got to have a nice chat while Grant played.

The playground had a lot of cool twirling, spinning things.

All the grown ups in area were talking about how it would make them sick if they were to go on them. We sure become wimpy when we grow up, don't we!
Going to the French Market was a truly lovely way to spend the morning. I look forward to going again.


  1. What Fun! Thanks for the tour of your new market!

    Hugs, Lisa

  2. What wonderful photos and what a lovely market!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. What pretty pictures you took and a great tour of the french market.


  4. Thanks for the tour of your new French Market. I am sure it will grow as word gets around. The flower shop looked lovely. Your son looked like he was having a blast.