muffins w/ mom & more

There was an event at Grants school yesterday called muffins with mom (earlier this year they did donuts with dad) . Which meant I had to get the three of us looking presentable and to the school by 8:30 a.m., it was difficult, but I did it! Yeah me! When it was time for me to go, Grant gave me a kiss good-bye.on the front of other kids!!! I was in shock. It was so sweet. I was so glad that I went.
I thought I'd give you a little peek into the set up of Levi's nursery. I am ordering a lot of stuff online, so it's taking a while to get it set up.

I got this bouncy chair for him. Although it won't actually go in the nursery, it shows you what the theme of the nursery will be. Drumroll please.........woodland creatures.

Here is Mr. Levi in his new chair.

You can take the piece with toys dangling on it on or off.

The chair bounces and vibrates.

Mr. cutie pie.

Yeah, I know, I'm bored too.


  1. Muffins with mom sounds adorable. Does Levi like being in the bouncy seat? Kay

  2. Lisa, what great pictures!
    The theme for the nursery is cleaver.
    What a good idea.
    Levi looks so cotent.
    It shows he know he is loved!

    Muffins with Mom is a great idea.
    Grant you look handsome in the picture and of course always.
    It looks like you all had a good time.
    Love and Miss you all.

    Keep sending the pictures we are enjoying them sooooo much.

  3. Oh MOM! I just love the lips! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Lisa