fun at the park


  1. Those water parks for kids always look like so much fun. I wonder if they'd frown on old 55 year old beached whales joining in????? Hehehehehehehehe

    Thanks for visiting my blog for Thrifty/Vintage Thursday.

    I have internet at home again and am now able to "follow up" on the new people that came to me while I was truckin' off to the library to blog!!!

    I believe that's called an addiction.

  2. Enjoy the boys! I miss those times and love seeing yours having fun in the water.

    Great plant stand on your previous post, too.

  3. Oh your boys are so incredibly sweet! How nice big brother is so taken with his mini me!! They will have a great relationship!
    hugs, Lisa

  4. Oh my goodness Levi is getting so big and Grant, you look just like your mother in that first photo and a little like GG. Hope you are all having a fun and not too hot summer. Aunt Kay

  5. Grant and Levi,
    What wonderful pictures!!!!
    It looks like you all were having a wonderful time.
    Keep having fun.
    Love Grandma