4th of july fun

Levi's first 4th of July!

It was very hot out which made Levi sleepy.

Grant had fun in our friends awesome pool!

Boys love their fireworks!

In Las Vegas you don't need to go anywhere to watch fireworks. You can stay home and see fireworks going off all over the valley.


  1. You guys look so happy with your new baby. He is growing so fast. He looks so much older! Why do babies have to do that!!!!! At first I thought you were at a waterpark. That is quite a backyard pool! I bet Grant really loves it. P.S. Your hair looks really cute.

  2. You guys look awesome! What a beautiful family:) Love ya!

  3. How did Levi like fireworks? Kay

  4. What a great day! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa