nursery peek

I decorated wood letters that spell my son's name to hang above his crib. It was really easy to do, except for one part, which I'll get to later and they turned out really cute.

You can find all kinds of wooden letters at the craft store in all kinds of sizes. I got mine from Michael's and they were already white. I painted the sides with green and blue craft paint and used scrapbook paper to cover them. A tip on choosing scrapbook paper is if you buy a book of paper the colors are all coordinated for you.

I traced the letters on the back of the paper. Doing my best to line up the pattern the way I wanted it to look on the front. This paper has pattern on both sides so it's difficult for you to see that I've traced it. Cut it out and then just decoupage it on. I used modge podge.

Here is the finished project.

Close ups of the letters so you can see the cute paper.

I had to cut out the "I" twice so the pattern lined up nicely.

Okay, here's my confession, the letters were really difficult to hang. I had lots of nail holes to fill in and paint over when I was done. I now realize that I should have measured from the ceiling down.

Another project I did in the nursery is change this lampshade. The theme for the nursery is woodland creatures so when I found this faux bois style lamp at Target I fell in love. I chose this linen lampshade to go with it (also from Target). But I was not crazy about the beads going around the bottom.

I clipped of the beads and trimmed it out in some cute ribbon using fabric glue.

Blue is perfect for a baby boys room and I like how the chocolate brown stitching coordinates with the dark brown lamp.

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  1. Cute letters! Sorry about all the nail holes!! Did you know you can use sewing pins to hang items like this nailing them in the wall at a 45 degree angle. That is of course,unless you have plaster walls like I do now in this old house then they just bend. But just lightly tap them in and then when you want to move an item there is just a tiny hole!! It is amazing how much they can hold too!


  2. Oh his room is just great! You always find the greatest things!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. All of your projects are absolutely darling!!! I love the perfect for your nursery!!! I can't wait to see the whole room!!!


  4. The letters turned out great! Uh and I'm HORRIBLE with hanging items too. It's all good. Love the shade makeover. Too cute.

  5. Congrats on your beautiful new son!!! The letters are darling, great job! Cindy

  6. Oh!! That is awesome! I will have to copy that! You picked great patterns and colors. Good job. :)

  7. Very cool! Love the touches you added to the shade, too! :) Thanks for sharing! Artie (Niartist) Color Outside the Lines Blog

  8. AWESOME!!! Nice job:) the room is looking great!!

  9. Great job on the name !!
    Love that new shade - perfect with the base !

  10. love the letters for your son's nursey. You might check out one of my recent posts. Baby girl nursery about 3 posts back. They took letter and embelished them even further. Marla

  11. Sooooooooo CUTE!
    You did a super job. Appreciate you sharing this project with us.
    It turned out great,
    d from homehaven

  12. I love little Levi's letters.
    The patterns are great together.
    And his lamp and lampshade are too cute!
    I'm not much for beads on shades. I think I have cut most of mine off!!

  13. I love the letters. What a cute project for a child's room. I can't hang a picture without making several holes to save my neck. It shouldn't be so hard!

  14. The paper you used is just tooo cute, great job on the letters and what you did to the lamp is a great ideal. Great room!!

  15. Both of these ideas turned out great. Love the lamp change!

    Happy Fall.

    Hop over sometime.


  16. Everything looks great! love the letters!