my favorite thing

My favorite Christmas present this year was this metal cloche my son Grant gave me. I just love the rustic brown color and the leaves at the top. I love the pedestal and that it's metal. For now I've stuck a silk herb plant underneath, but I am open for suggestions. Let me know what you think would look cute inside.

Grant also gave me this great rooster tray. I guess I've been a good girl this year!!!

Edited to add: For those of you who have been asking Grant got the cloche from Homegoods.


  1. I know this doesn't help you today, but Target has some really great "vase fillers" on their vase aisle - lots of natural looking stuff. I found some irregular looking moss ball type things a couple of months ago there - they would look really good - to me! Some lemons to play against the brown would look good too.

    I have one very similar to yours and haven't found the right spot (yet) for it! Love the print too -
    He did you right mom!

  2. Oh! I just saw a nest with several robins' eggs in it at a little store I was in today. I think something like that might be cute, but I've been into nests and birds this past year. Nice gifts!

  3. Wow...can you have him call my son and give him gift ideas?

    Lovely! I love the plant in it.

  4. Great gifts! I love that cloche, it's so nice! The possibilities are endless for that piece. A nest with eggs, small books, faux fruit, pinecones, plants, hearts for Valentine's Day? Have fun with it and enjoy!

  5. I love it too. You will have fun with it at Easter!!

  6. Oh Lisa! What a sweetie that Grant is. I wonder if he would mind if I asked him where he got that cloche. It's awesome!

  7. How unique! I love the metal instead of glass look :)

  8. I'm like kimmcl, wondering where he found it. it is lovely and something out of the ordinary

  9. Now this one is so right up my alley! Love the rustic quality, and out of the norm.

    A candle might be cute in it too, totally burnable in this case.

    Thanks for linking up and showing it off. :)

    FJ Donna

  10. what would look cute in this? EVERYTHING! You really must have been a good girl this year. What a fabulous gift. Would LOVE to know where he purchased it also.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. What a sweet gift, you will treasure it always. I love the gifts my kids give me.

  12. What a terrific gift. It's so unique!
    Love it.

  13. Anything would look great under that! The cloche alone would be fabulous as well. What a great gift!

  14. LOVE the wire cloche!!!

    Rooster tray is great too!
    You made out well. =0))


    barbara jean

  15. wow what a wonderful gift your son gave you!! All your boys are so handsome!!