Yes, our family went to another UNLV basketball game. This was the most exciting game yet. UNLV was losing during the first half of the game, but in the second half they pulled ahead and won it. I really think the school should send our family season tickets, as we seem to be a good luck charm. The Rebels have won every game that we have attended. It was Kids Day for this game so during half time a whole bunch of mascots came out and played a game of basketball. It was a hoot to watch. Oh, and I almost forgot, we got free UNLV t-shirts. Free stuff rocks!


Where the blogging "magic" happens. Stop laughing!!
I really need to do something about all those cords.
Nothing like taking pictures of your room to find out where the flaws are.
I like tan globes. See if you can spot more in rest of the pictures.
Or don't, be a party pooper, I don't care.

I love this book holder thingy. I found it at Big Lots.

The picture of London reminds me of the trip our family took there about six years ago.
The picture of Paris? Well, we'll just have to see what the future holds.

This is what's on top of the cart that holds our printer.
I hope our next printer is wireless and the cart can go bye, bye.

I love this little arrangement of matte silver things.

I love this picture. Our house has a very open floor plan and
I can see it from many rooms in our house.

This is the entryway to the office. There is a closet behind the wall.

Well here are the after pictures of our office. To be perfectly honest with you I am still not done. It is amazing how much stuff I had crammed into this little room. But I am happy that the furniture is back and most of the books. I've been given the opportunity (whether I like it or not) to sort through things. I have a pile of books to donate to charity and a pile of magazines to give to friends and a chance to de-clutter closets. God willing all the work on our house is done and I will never have to go through this again. I used to think it would be fun to renovate a home. I now think differently. It takes over your whole life, people don't show up when they are supposed to, they do shoddy work etc. etc. But enough of this unpleasantness. I hope you enjoyed your peek into my office and further more I hope to never speak of it again!


Here are the pictures of our office while they were working to fix the water damage. Half of the wall gone. Closet doors taken off. Carpet pulled up and pad removed. Two large bookcases now sitting in our living room. Loads of books taking over our dining room table. etc, etc. In my next post I will show you the after pictures.

carpet pad

Due to the water damage in our office, half of our carpet pad had to be thrown away. So one day this week some carpet installers came to replace it. There was just one problem. Can you guess what is was???? The new pad is three times thicker than the old pad! So our office floor was like a hill and a valley. So I complained (nicely) and the installers came back and put new padding on the other side of the floor, so it is all nice and even. I mentioned to the installers that the old pad looks like something you'd find inside your shoe. They said they call it "why bother to have a pad, pad." What is distressing is this pathetic pad is what is in the REST OF OUR HOUSE! Before we knew this, we were blissfully unaware that anything was wrong with our carpet pad. It's not something that we ever thought about. But now we trudge down our hard, cement like hallway and then step into our office where it feels as if we are walking on a cloud. Well you live, you learn. If we were ever to buy new carpet someday we will definitely spring for a nice thick pad! (it is oh so very nice)


Last night while my family was in bed I was "working" on my blog. When I finished I did the same thing I do every night before going to bed. I went to check on Grant. Usually he is sound asleep. This night he was awake and complaining of not being able to fall asleep. So I discussed some things he could think about that would help him fall asleep and then went to bed. Once in bed I found that I could not stop tossing and turning and that I too was having trouble falling asleep. So I decided, I'll get up and go talk to Grant. I crept down the hall to his room and found him....sound asleep. So I did what any normal person would do....I decided to take pictures of him! I love looking at his round cheeks, they remind me of when he was a baby. What's that you say? You wouldn't think of taking pictures of your sleeping children-you're weird!

water cycle

In December Grant brought home a paper saying he needed to make either a diorama or poster board showing the water cycle. If it looks like I helped him a lot, I did. But it's o.k. because the paper was labeled Family Science Project. I knew Grant would want to make a diorama, but I knew it would be difficult to cram everything into a shoe box. So I enticed him into doing the poster board instead by telling him we could make it three dimensional. He thought that sounded cool. One big shopping trip to Michael's later, here's what we made:
For Condensation and Precipitation we made clouds out of stretched cotton balls and used silver, clear, and metallic blue beads for rain and snow.
For Ground Water we used metallic blue paint then glued blue, curly ribbon on it and glued on some plastic fish I had bought at a garage sale about 6 years ago ( I always knew they'd come in handy some day!).
We also glued green florist foam and rocks for the ground and some foam trees.
For Evaporation we used clear and light blue bunches of beads and a foam sun.
The thing that was the most fun was making the mountains. We took the foam trees from Michael's and cut off their sides then used plaster of paris so they were nice and textured and then painted them. We glued everything to a piece of foam core so it would be nice and sturdy.
We...oops I mean Grant got 50 points on the assignment, which was the highest grade you could get. Yay us...I mean Yay Grant!!
p.s. I saw the other kids projects at school and believe me they all had lots of parental involvement. Grant also had to give a presentation on the water cycle and I wasn't there for it. He did great, so he really learned about the water cycle from doing this project.

lovely visit

My grandparents came to visit us today. They live in Idaho so we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. They travel in the winter and I am so happy that visiting me was a part of their itinerary. Grant's growing so much he may be taller than grandma soon. It was a really nice visit. My poor grandma, she didn't even want her picture taken and I go and put it on my blog. I'm sorry grandma but I think you are beautiful! I love you G.G.!!!

the key to treasure

He will be the sure foundation for your times,
a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;
the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure.
Isaiah 33:6

christmas deer

I love deer. Over the years I've been buying deer figures at the after Christmas sales.
This year I realized I had A LOT of deer figures.

I wasn't sure where to put them all.

They are pretty though.
But this year I decided I wasn't going to get ANY more deer figure.
I saw some really neat ones 50% off at Pier One, but I did NOT get them.
But, a new deer ornament is o.k.
He joins these two deer ornaments I already have.
In fact I think I need more deer ornaments!
Maybe I'll get crafty next year and make some.
I also got this cute deer nutcracker.

They will join these nutcrackers.
I need to give away that silver one, he looks weird.
Who does he think he is, disco Santa?!
Oh, yeah. I did get this deer figure. But he's going to go outside so it DOESN'T count!

rebels win again

I don't like this picture of me, but I wanted you to see our matching shirts. Aaaah how sweet.
Tom looks extra cute so that makes up for my lack of cuteness.

9 year old boys are weirdos!!
Grant and Tyler ready for the game to begin.
We went to another UNLV Rebels basketball game. Las Vegas played against the New Mexico Lobos. Lobos is wolf in Spanish, aren't you glad you read this blog, some of you learned something today! We took Grants friend Tyler to the game with us and he is spending the night. Since the moment we picked Tyler up Grant has been talking NON-STOP. Poor Tyler's ears are going to be sore tomorrow.
For those of you in Las Vegas I wanted to let you know about the restaurant we went to before the game. Strings Italian Cafe on Tropicana. Good food and excellent service, I think they re-filled our bread basket five times...mmmmmm!

new park

Grant and I went to a new park that is near our neighborhood today. Grant brought his new electric scooter with him that he got for Christmas. After zooming around for awhile he wanted to check out the new playground. So I sat on a bench to read and he left his scooter with me so he could go play. Suddenly I became very popular with young boys in the 3-4 year old range. They would come over and admire the scooter, ask questions about the scooter, and tell me about their scooters. It was so cute. One little boy wanted to know where was Grant. So I pointed out where he was on the playground. Then he asked "Is his Dad here?" I told him no. He then asked...
boy: "Where is his Dad?"
me: "He is at the gym"
boy: "The jungle gym?"