crazy hair

It was crazy hair night at AWANA. Grant didn't need much encouraging from me to make the crazy faces to go along with his hair. Tom asked him how he likes being a prop for my blog. lol
In case you are wondering AWANA is a program that helps churches and parents raise children to know, love and serve Christ.
AWANA comes from 2 Timothy 2:15
Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.

recipe time

Wow, that's some dinner Lisa made!
She must have been slaving away in the kitchen for hours!

Look it was a really busy week, so dinner came from a box.
Correction, two boxes.

But I did cook the carrots and so should you!
Cut up carrots and onions and toss them in your slow cooker.
Drizzle with olive oil and give a quick stir.
Cook on high for about 2 hours.
Season with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.
Fresh or dried thyme is also nice.

Here's the carrots on the right side of the plate.

Here's the carrots on the left.
I like taking pictures of my food, it's fun.
Make these carrots, they are yummy.
I'm having the leftovers for lunch today.

unique & interesting....

This is how I found Grant the other day.
Playing video games while wearing his batting helmet.
When I asked Grant why he was doing this, his reply was quite reasonable.
"I'm having a bad hair day."
Alrighty then.

the flower fades

The grass withers,
the flower fades:
but the word of our God
shall stand forever.
Isaiah 40:8

candy fun

When you have a 9 year old boy, you get to buy fun stuff like this!
Gotta love the the flavors: Snottermelon, Sour Green Boogy, and Lemon Loogy.

Oh, they don't look that bad. They're not nearly as gross as I thought they would be.

O.K. now that's gross!
(we worked so hard to get this picture for you)


I'm giving you my top secret grape jello recipe today. Actually the recipe appears on the back of the Gelatin box. Grant loves this and I love to make it for him because it's nice and healthy. My mom used to make this for me when I was a kid. Now the world's come full circle, let's hold hands and sing. LAAAA
This recipe has just two ingredients...
can you handle the simplicity.
Yep, just unsweetened grape juice and Knox unflavored gelatin.
p.s. make the juice first, do not use the concentrate or use bottled grape juice.
Put 1c cold fruit juice in a bowl. Sprinkle 4 envelopes gelatin over juice; let stand one minute.

Bring 3c of fruit juice to a boil. (do not look at the dirty stove!)

Pour the hot juice over the cold juice. Stir until the gelatin
has completely dissolved, about 5 minutes.
Pour into a 9x13 pan. Refrigerate until firm. The box says about 3 hours. I usually make this at night and we have it the next day. It's a great after school snack. I like that the jello is nice and firm so it doesn't make a big mess like jello that you eat with a spoon. Yep, you just eat it with your hands. It's fun food!

The first picture of the jello looked black so I decided to hold it up to the window so you could see the lovely jewel tones of the jello. I hope you try it and when you do let me know what you think!

valentine decorations

Grant decorated the house for Valentines yesterday!

happy valentines day

Happy Valentines Day
Grant had an assignment at school this week to write a poem that would describe the color red to someone who could not see. I was really impressed with what he came up with.
Red sounds like a soft heartbeat.
Red smells like freshly picked, ripe, strawberries on a spring day.
Red tastes like spicy pepperoni on a cheesy pizza.
Red feels like the cold, blood from our brave, American warriors.

playing in the snow

When we first got up to the snow Grant was disappointed because he couldn't go sledding (no hills around). But he quickly got over it and had a blast playing in the snow. He ate the snow, threw snowballs, made snow angels, and just kept throwing himself down into the snow. I stood around taking pictures and gazing in awe at God's incredible creation, and I threw a few snow balls too.

spring mountain

I've been in the mood to get away, to go on a little weekend trip. Unfortunately the timing with Tom's work is just not right so we can't go anywhere. Then I remembered that I have a get away in my own backyard. So Grant and I took off for the Spring Mountains recreational area. It's only 25 minutes away. I took pictures of the thermometer in my car so you can see the dramatic change. In the driveway in front of our house the temp was 52 degrees and as we headed North the temp kept dropping. When we reached our destination the temp had fallen to 31 degrees. Twenty five minutes producing a 20 degree temperature drop, I think that is amazing.
I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

when it rains in vegas......

We only average 3-4 inches of rain a year in Las Vegas. So when it does rain the drains go into shock and it usually floods. Now there is something I've been wanting to do on one of these flood days for four years. Come along for the "adventure."

Take one long, down hill street....

And one widdle, rubber ducky......

On your mark....get set.......


It was an excellent ride for widdle ducky....until he went down the storm drain, oops.
I hope he lands in some exotic port. I am easily amused.