the flower fades

The grass withers,
the flower fades:
but the word of our God
shall stand forever.
Isaiah 40:8

playing in the snow

When we first got up to the snow Grant was disappointed because he couldn't go sledding (no hills around). But he quickly got over it and had a blast playing in the snow. He ate the snow, threw snowballs, made snow angels, and just kept throwing himself down into the snow. I stood around taking pictures and gazing in awe at God's incredible creation, and I threw a few snow balls too.

spring mountain

I've been in the mood to get away, to go on a little weekend trip. Unfortunately the timing with Tom's work is just not right so we can't go anywhere. Then I remembered that I have a get away in my own backyard. So Grant and I took off for the Spring Mountains recreational area. It's only 25 minutes away. I took pictures of the thermometer in my car so you can see the dramatic change. In the driveway in front of our house the temp was 52 degrees and as we headed North the temp kept dropping. When we reached our destination the temp had fallen to 31 degrees. Twenty five minutes producing a 20 degree temperature drop, I think that is amazing.
I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

when it rains in vegas......

We only average 3-4 inches of rain a year in Las Vegas. So when it does rain the drains go into shock and it usually floods. Now there is something I've been wanting to do on one of these flood days for four years. Come along for the "adventure."

Take one long, down hill street....

And one widdle, rubber ducky......

On your mark....get set.......


It was an excellent ride for widdle ducky....until he went down the storm drain, oops.
I hope he lands in some exotic port. I am easily amused.

superbowl party

While the boys were busy watching some silly game and yelling at the television set......

The girls made Valentine cards! Babette, Gina and I had never made cards before, it was fun figuring it out together. I bought plain white cards with envelopes from Walmart's craft section. We then used a bunch of my scrapbooking supplies and got to "work". Having a craft table at your Superbowl's a good thing.
p.s. click on the valentine picture, they are just so cute

100th post!

My 100th post!!!! and over 1,000 visits to my blog. Wow I can't believe it. Now prepare yourselves, I have a speech to give....I have so much fun writing this blog and I want thank all of you for taking the time to read it. I want to thank my family for their support. They have become totally used to me constantly taking pictures all the time. I definitely have to thank Sarah because this blog wouldn't be here if it weren't for Sarah setting it up for me and teaching me how to post. Well here's to 100 more posts. I love you guys, I really do!
p.s. Grant came up with the concept for these photos. He said "you look happy and we'll be rolling our eyes and looking bored" I thought it was a great idea, the pictures are a hoot!
On a totally different subject... In my last post I mentioned a very good book I had read called Breaking Point. Well I was very surprised and thrilled that the author Karen Ball left a comment on my blog. I feel really honored that she took the time to do that. I look forward to reading more of her books soon!

january books

These are the books I read in January.
At Home in Mitford,
A Light in the Window,
Out of Canaan,
These High Green Hills by Jan Karon.
The Breaking Point By Karen Ball.
I had seen something about a Mitford book series on somebodies blog, then one day I was in the Goodwill and saw the first book in the series costing only 99 cents, so I decided to buy it. I'm glad I didn't know it's a story about a 60 year old Episcopalian rector living in a small town. Because I would have thought boooring and never picked up the book. It turns out these books are sooo good. I love it when I find a good book series. After buying the first book, I've been checking out the rest from the library. They are just such sweet, charming books and I'm so happy there are five more Mitford books left for me to read.
The book by Karen Ball was good. It's about a couple who have a very rocky marriage that God redeems. I liked it, but it was also difficult to read because of the pain in this fictional couples marriage.
I also have two non fiction books I started in January but I don't ever want to recommend a book before I've finished it. Hopefully I'll finish them this month.
It just so happens that in Jan. all the fiction books I read were inspirational fiction. This is not always the case by any means. I read plenty of secular fiction. I must say though I really enjoyed being surrounded by all these Christians in the world of books, it was really nice.