master bedroom

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Our master bedroom has an accent wall behind the bed that is chocolate brown and the rest of the walls are taupe. It was really scary painting the chocolate brown, but I love it.

The bedding is chocolate brown, black and a crimson red.

I fell in love with this very small picture of a red rose.
The small print would have gotten lost on our large walls, so I trimmed around the print with scrap booking scissors, backed it with art paper and framed in in this huge frame.
The frame was originally gold, but I spray painted it black.

Here is a close up of the rose.
The print is by Kathryn White.

Here's what's on my nightstand. I need to change the photo to one of both of my boys now that the baby is here. On the to do list!

The lamp and lampshade are from Lowes.

My dear, friend Babette was born and raised in The Netherlands. She moved to the U.S. when she married her American sweetheart. She brought back these wooden shoes home for me when she went to visit her parents. I love them!

My husbands nightstand. He didn't get to choose what's on there.
This is a print of Proverbs 3:6.

Words to keep close by, especially during times like these.

Our dresser. It's hard to tell with all the light coming through, but the drapes are chocolate brown "silk".

I wanted one of the colors in the master bedroom to be plum/purple. With no purple in the bedding this has been tricky. So on top of the dresser I have plum colored hydrangeas and candles.

These prints were posters I got on sale at Michael's. I didn't know what to do with them so they sat in my closet for the longest time. One day I found these frames that I loved, they had prints in them that I didn't care for, but I bought them hoping someday I'd find something cute to go in them. Boy was I thrilled when the Michael's posters fit perfectly in the frames!

A bit blurry, but you get the idea.

There is a bit of purple in this one.

Our armoire which holds our T.V. and other things.

On top of the armoire.

This was another print that I loved but it was in an ugly frame and it was too small. So I found a large mat for it and took a silver frame that I had and spray painted it black.

A close up.

Some flowers on my night stand.

Another view.

The rug at the foot of our bed.

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first bath

Earlier this week we gave Levi his first bath.
He seemed to really enjoy it and he smelled sooo good afterwards.

outdoor wednesday

To my family: I'm just taking a quick break from baby land to participate in Outdoor Wednesday. I'll have new pictures of Levi on the blog soon. :)

These photos were taken in Yountville California, a really charming town. It's near Napa and is part of California's wine country. It is so beautiful there. I would have liked to have taken a lot more photos, but it started raining, so I only got these three.

I love wisteria, so elegant and it smells so wonderful!

more pictures

Levi's first bottle at home.

Look at how he's trying to hold it.

At the doctors office, he's doing great!


Daddy's little boy.

Two of my favorite guys.

Meeting Levi at the agency this morning.

Pure bliss!

Levi Devin

Through the blessing of adoption our family has grown. Levi Devin has come home today. He is perfect and beautiful and we are over the moon with joy and happiness. God is good!!!
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