One day as I pulled into my driveway I noticed a large, brown shape in one of my bushes. I thought it was a neighbors cat and was surprised that my car didn't scare it away. When I got out of the car I saw that it was a huge mass of bees in my bush, yikes! What was strange is they were totally quiet, not making a single buzz. I called pest control and they said that it wasn't a hive, it was a swarm. The queen bee needs to rest and all the other bees swarm all around her for protection. He told us they should go away in the next couple of days. That was fine with me, I really didn't want to hurt the bees. When my husband came home two hours later, they were all gone.

I'm glad they came for a visit. They were really cool to watch.

From a distance. Thankfully cameras can zoom in.

I wish this picture was clearer. My friend Babette had this hummingbird sitting in her nest and if you look carefully you will see her little baby sitting in front of her. They were so cute!

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I got some cute and very well priced items on a recent shopping trip. I had to share them with you.

Orange flower soap for my kitchen.

Isn't the label pretty!

Brown sugar and vanilla foaming hand soap for the master bathroom.

Cucumber and melon foaming hand soap. Perfect for the green bathroom.

I also got this cute basket.

All of these items came from.....Walmart. Yes, Walmart!

fun at the park

plant stand

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This plant stand was made out of.......

A huge, wood, lamp I found at the Goodwill for $3.49. A metal tray, Goodwill 99 cents. A wood craft plaque from Michael's, 89 cents. (I already started to prime when I remembered to take a photo.)

First I sprayed all three pieces with primer. Then I sprayed each piece with dark brown spray paint. Next I spritzed the pieces with black spray paint. Lastly I used black antiquing polish with a foam brush. (from Michael's)

I put felt pads on the bottom piece to protect my floors and attached the three pieces with construction adhesive.

Here's the finished lamp-plant stand.

This project was really fun, easy, inexpensive and I loved the way it turned out!

outdoor wednesday

Things that were blooming in my yard in Las Vegas this spring.....

Chaste Tree

Dark Knight Bluebeard


Blooms from my Chitalpa tree


Texas sage

Orange Jubilee Glory Bower

Ruellia Brittoniana Blue

Hardy Geranium

Silk Tree

Red Yucca

Blooms from my Umbrella tree. They smell wonderful, like lilacs.


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