plant stand

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This plant stand was made out of.......

A huge, wood, lamp I found at the Goodwill for $3.49. A metal tray, Goodwill 99 cents. A wood craft plaque from Michael's, 89 cents. (I already started to prime when I remembered to take a photo.)

First I sprayed all three pieces with primer. Then I sprayed each piece with dark brown spray paint. Next I spritzed the pieces with black spray paint. Lastly I used black antiquing polish with a foam brush. (from Michael's)

I put felt pads on the bottom piece to protect my floors and attached the three pieces with construction adhesive.

Here's the finished lamp-plant stand.

This project was really fun, easy, inexpensive and I loved the way it turned out!

outdoor wednesday

Things that were blooming in my yard in Las Vegas this spring.....

Chaste Tree

Dark Knight Bluebeard


Blooms from my Chitalpa tree


Texas sage

Orange Jubilee Glory Bower

Ruellia Brittoniana Blue

Hardy Geranium

Silk Tree

Red Yucca

Blooms from my Umbrella tree. They smell wonderful, like lilacs.


For more views of the great outdoors click here.


In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.
Prov. 16:9

cloche party

I just started blogging last fall and visiting other peoples blogs. I loved it when people would show the cloche in their home and admired the ways they would display things under them. So I started keeping my eye out for some cloche of my own. It's been fun playing around with different things to display under them. I am really excited for this blog party where I'll get to see how lots of people display cloche in their homes.

A display on my dining room table.

This metal cloche came from Homegoods. It was primer gray. So I spray painted it cream and then "antiqued" it with some brown craft paint.

A metal cloche from Michael's with a nest candle holder inside.

My favorite display.

I love mushrooms.

This cloche actually started out as a hanging candle holder, if you want to see how I turned it into a cloche click here.

This baby cloche is from Michael's. It's on clearance right now so if you like it run on over there.

It's cute, but I decided to give it a make over.

Here's how it looks now.

This glass top and silver plate I got at the Goodwill. They were not together. They came to a grand total of $3.98, score!