I found this butterfly print at Goodwill. My son begged me not to get it. He thought it was so ugly. "Just wait" I told him. "I'm going to fix it up."

I paid $4.99 for it, which actually seemed a little high given the damage. I thought that the matte was water damaged. But when I brought it home and took it apart it turns out it was wax on the matte. How did that happen?! I scraped the wax off with my fingernail.

I spray painted the matte white and the frame black and rubbed a little brown craft paint on the frame too.

Here's a close up of the frame.

She looks soooo much better now. The black frame brings out the black on the butterflies and the white matte allows the colors of the butterflies to pop. The only bad thing is I accidentally broke the glass and it's an unusual size so now I have to get a new piece of glass cut for it.

big guy & little guy

The big guy started school this week. Although he had been dreading it, he's had a great week. He has a wonderful teacher and he's enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. He's having fun in science learning about fossils
The little guy is doing good too. This week he is making very loud, happy shrieks. I guess he has to make up for the quiet in the house!

cottage style

Flowers you'd see in a cottage style garden. I took these photos on a rainy day, this spring, while visiting San Francisco.

Thanks to Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesday!

baby shower

Back in May my dear friends Babette and Gina threw a baby shower for me. They did such an incredible job! It was a wonderful day that I'll never forget.

On the left is Babette, the shower was held in her gorgeous home. Next to her is our friend Sarah who just gave birth to her little girl a week ago today.

The other wonderful host, Gina with baby Levi.

Since we are adopting Levi he got to be at his own shower! It was wonderful getting to share him with my friends and watch them love on him.

My friends know I love to scrapbook, so they set up a scrapbook table and had everyone make one baby page.

When everyone was done they put them into a baby scrapbook and I have a whole book that I just need to add pictures to.

It was a great idea and so much fun. Those that had never scrapbooked were a little intimidated at first, but they got the hang of it.

Here's a completed page.

This game was so much fun. It started with diapers labeled A-H, then.......

NO, it's not what you think!!!!! Inside each diaper was a different kind of melted candy bar.

Each guest had to try and identify which kind of candy bar was inside.

It was a strange and hilarious game.

I loved it! I highly recommend playing it at your next baby shower.

The rooms were decorated with bunches of green and blue balloons.

So cute!

The cake, yummo!

Beautiful flowers in a blue, glass vase. Next to the table is my boyfriend. HUH?! Babette makes these Dutch meat pockets and they are my new favorite food. The first time I tried them I told her I would marry them if I could, so ever since we've called them "my boyfriends."

Look at this feather trimmed table runner, too cute!

The table was so lovely and everything was so good!

It's a boy confetti and napkins that matched the balloons.

Here I am enjoying it all. Notice the blue baby bottle filled with green and blue peanut M&M's.

To see other baby showers party ideas click on the link above.


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In June I took the boys to the zoo. The zoo in Las Vegas is a very small, no frills zoo. They have peacocks and chickens (and pigeons, yuck!) roaming around loose. We came across this guy showing off his feathers and much to our surprise he didn't mind Grant gently touching them. It was a real treat for my son.

hooded towel

Start out with two towels. A bath towel and a hand towel.

Mine were from Homegoods. I love this towel because it matches the woodland theme in baby Levi's nursery.

The towels have metamorphosized (is this a word?) into a hooded towel for baby. Actually my friend Sarah sewed it for me and I love it!! The hooded towels you buy from the store are so thin and flimsy. This one is thick and totally covers baby after his bath so he gets nice and dry. If you would like instructions on sewing one yourself hop on over to Sarah's blog.

Here's Levi saying "I love my hooded bath towel!" .....

He's a cutie patootie!
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