basket case

One day this summer the Goodwill was selling all their baskets for half price. I decided this would be a fun opportunity to pick up some baskets that had a nice shapes to them, but ugly color and make them over with paint.

I got carried away and started painting this one before taking my "before'' picture. You can see it as a long, oval shaped basket.

It was a light straw color.

I wanted it to have a Tuscan farmhouse look. First I spray painted it black and then I dry brushed on some brown craft paint.

The "after" basket.

Here is the next "before" I thought this was a really cute little basket. Unfortunately what this photo doesn't show is the basket was a very orangey brown color.

I decided to give this one a beachy look.

This basket took six different paint applications before I got it to look the way I wanted it too. Luckily I like to paint.

The final basket. I really liked the metal on the bottom of this one.

The top however also had a very orangey tone to it.

I decided to do a shabby chic/beachy look. (does that even make sense?)

I used a piece of raffia to tie a starfish Christmas ornament to it.

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round patios

Fall is when those of us who live in Las Vegas finally get to come outside and enjoy some wonderful weather. I love, love, love circular patios. I am going to pour myself a glass of lemonade and enjoy!

All images from Sunset magazine

come sit a spell


House Beautiful

House Beautiful

nursery peek

I decorated wood letters that spell my son's name to hang above his crib. It was really easy to do, except for one part, which I'll get to later and they turned out really cute.

You can find all kinds of wooden letters at the craft store in all kinds of sizes. I got mine from Michael's and they were already white. I painted the sides with green and blue craft paint and used scrapbook paper to cover them. A tip on choosing scrapbook paper is if you buy a book of paper the colors are all coordinated for you.

I traced the letters on the back of the paper. Doing my best to line up the pattern the way I wanted it to look on the front. This paper has pattern on both sides so it's difficult for you to see that I've traced it. Cut it out and then just decoupage it on. I used modge podge.

Here is the finished project.

Close ups of the letters so you can see the cute paper.

I had to cut out the "I" twice so the pattern lined up nicely.

Okay, here's my confession, the letters were really difficult to hang. I had lots of nail holes to fill in and paint over when I was done. I now realize that I should have measured from the ceiling down.

Another project I did in the nursery is change this lampshade. The theme for the nursery is woodland creatures so when I found this faux bois style lamp at Target I fell in love. I chose this linen lampshade to go with it (also from Target). But I was not crazy about the beads going around the bottom.

I clipped of the beads and trimmed it out in some cute ribbon using fabric glue.

Blue is perfect for a baby boys room and I like how the chocolate brown stitching coordinates with the dark brown lamp.

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she does it again

Well her staff anyway.
I love the cover of the October issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. An enchanted forest made with pumpkins and squash. Too cute.

More Martha goodness. Or maybe I should say greatness......

Will someone make this wreath chandelier for me? Pretty please?

Stone walls, oh how I love thee....

The colors of these pumpkins....too cool for school.

some lovelies

Wow, I just realized today is my one year blogaversary. About a year and a half ago I didn't even know what a blog was. Now I am madly in love with my new hobby. Why? Because the women in the blogging world totally rock!!!!! I'm sorry I don't have anything special planned for my anniversary, I've been sick this week. I plan to do a give away in the near future. Anyhoo, please to enjoy these lovely images from Skona Hem.

dream house

I have three decorating styles that I love, Cottage, Old World and Rustic (old wood, stone and metal). It can be a challenge to have all three styles in my home and still have them all coordinate with each other. I want things to blend and look like they belong together. I don't want things standing out and a bunch of very separate elements in my house. I want it to be comfortable, homey and seamless. So, when I saw this house in Southern Living!!!!! Come take a look (sorry the photos are so small).

What a fairy tale looking home. The stone, plaster, the chimney. So cute!

i LOVE doors that are round at the top!!!!!!

Huge antique lantern.

Antique shutters.

Now here is some cottage style. Love these slipcovered benches.To be honest I would never have them in my home because I need back support, ya know what I mean :) but they sure are lovely.

Another view of the incredible kitchen.

Rustic bench and frames.

Vintage floorboards.

Now on to the incredible backyard.

Antique chandelier.

Antique brick was used for the patio and fireplace.

More antique shutters.

The porches sliding doors.
You just can't find stuff like this in Las Vegas without paying crazy prices. When our family lived in Illinois you could find people selling a barn full of antiques at bargain prices. I miss that about Illinois, but I don't miss the cold!!