One Special Night

Last week I showed you our trip to the conservatory at the Bellagio. Well that same day we headed to a mall that is south of the Las Vegas strip called Town Square. It is a beautiful outdoor mall done in the Mediterranean style. We had a special reason for going, but I'll get to that later.

Here's what the street lights look like. Aren't they gorgeous.

Here's the patio at our favorite restaurant at the mall, Brio's. Doesn't the fire look inviting.

Another gorgeous light fixture. This is a lantern outside of Brio's.

Here's the entrance to Brio (love the plant!) come on in!

The inside is AMAZING!!

This is the chandelier in the bar.

My boys acted like perfect gentlemen in this fancy restaurant.

Grant's happy!

Wouldn't you be too!

I took this photo in the restroom. I love the plaster walls and the frame is beautiful.

Back to the mall. They had this gi-normous Christmas tree.

Guess who was inside this cute little building?

Santa! He didn't look very happy when I snapped his photo. I was afraid I wasn't going to get any presents this year. But I guess he forgave me.

Levi checking out some Christmas lights. I love his chubby cheeks!!

"hmmm, wonder if they taste a good as they look?"
Yes, he is in that annoying-put everything in my mouth-stage.

Okay, here is they reason we came to the mall. It "snows" for 10 minutes every night in December. We quickly found out that the snow was really some kind of soap. But as you can see Grant loved every minute of it. Christmas carols were playing in the background. Everyone was happy and excited. It was a magical evening with my boys.
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  1. What wonderful pictures of your family! Wow the Bellagio is beautiful..makes me want to go now! Fun pics! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  2. Wonderful photos! Looks like a great place to shop I'm hungry for some pizza!

  3. Las Vegas has a lot to offer! Your photos are lovely! That's a nice pizza treat!

  4. It certainly looks like you and your family had a fun time in Las Vegas. My favorite is the last one with the snow coming down on one of your sons. It is so surreal.
    Joyce M

  5. Wonderful shots, I love the shots from your favorite restaurant. And the pizza looks Yummy to me.

  6. Lisa, just wanted to let you know I stopped by and caught up on many posts. We lived in Winter Park (Orlando) and Disney World had snow each evening. Although we are in VT right now, my son grew up down south. That snow was magical for him as a child. And, we had a Brio's, too.

    Lovely holiday pics. I enjoyed.

  7. A very special night indeed. Lice looking kids!

  8. Fun! That warm fire looks particularly inviting as I sit here in my cold, cold house.

  9. What a beautiful night with your family. Brio's is gorgeous, what a wonderful place for a special meal. And how fun for your boys to experience "snow" - and you don't have to shovel it! Great photos. Kathy

  10. Your kids are so cute! Christmas must have been fun this year! And to get some snow in Vegas! LOL! Looks like a beautiful mall. Very nice pics of the restaurant too! Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Sherri : )

  11. Levi ate the Christmas lights!!!! I love his chubby cheeks, too!!
    And, Grant is going to steal some hearts...later, I mean!! MUCH later!!!!

    That restaurant is gorgeous!! And I love the snow!!! What a fun night!


  12. I love your blog. I'll definitely be back again! Your pictures are wonderful! I've never been to Vegas, so thanks for sharing.

  13. I think I might have to go with you on your next trip to Brio. It is so pretty!