On Friday I went to Anthropologie for the first time ever. I kept reading about it on other peoples blogs and I was curious. Well........I loved it!! I took 40 photos (don't worry I'm not posting all of them!). The sales staff just left me alone and let me wander around squealing and snapping pictures.! The ruffles, the twigs, sigh. It makes me think of the movie "Out of Africa" (one of my favorite movies of all time). 

Grant thought this giant, moss, giraffe was pretty cool.

I heart the rough floors, the chunky table and the giant lantern is so cool.

Soooooo pretty! (part I)

Sooooo pretty II

I can't stop thinking about these mushroom plates. I'm trying to figure out a place where they would work in my house.

I tried to convince Grant that he should get me one of these for my birthday next month. He didn't care for the idea.

Wouldn't this look cool sitting on a table at your house?

I made one little purchase from the clearance section. I never even looked at any of the clothes in the store. I only had eyes for the home and garden section. It was a fun, fun shopping trip!


  1. Good for you for avoiding the clothes section. I have not been so "lucky" and the budget has taken a hit or two. Love the clothes (when I can get them at clearance prices).

  2. 盛年不再來,一日難再晨;及時當勉勵,歲月不待人..............................

  3. I've never been either. I don't even know where it is {the mall?}. They do have some nice things so maybe I should find out!

  4. OH my goodness! I am drooling all over the place! (hope I don't short out the key board). I have never been to one either. But I will have to try and find one! Thanks for the show and tell!
    smiles, alice

  5. I'm so excited that I got to see a preview. I'm visiting my brother next week and my sister and I are going to Anthropologie! I hope I can contain myself. Whew, I bet I'll spend alot of time oohing and awing.

    thanks for a lovely post.


  6. The stuff you did show was so gorg Lisa - love those keys and those letters and "&" signs and all those chunky letters and such! I don't even know if we have one around here - I'll have to check that out! It was nice to visit though through you and the boys!

    Come check out my Easter Decor Day on March 31 - first one ever - hopefully not last!

  7. Hi Lisa. You know I have never been to one either. I did however find a candlestick at a thrift store recently and when I turned it over it said Anthropology and it was way too much for the store price but just right at 4.00 at the thrift store price. Hahaha....I wouldn't have known what it was if it wasn't for blogging. That and cloches! I read through your p ost on that one too and thoroughly enjoyed it! have a great day.
    Come over for a visit sometime!
    PS...I loved the little picture of your little guy all tuckered out on your hike! Sweet.

  8. If you ever get to the Anthropologie store in Rockefeller Plaza in NYC, just gorgeous.

  9. awww... thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I love yours too. I am such a crazy Anthropologie fanatic although I rarely actually buy anything from there. :)

  10. I haven't been doing my Google reader lately, and I KNEW I was missing out! There isn't an Anthropologie (or anything) here on the island! :-( But, that bed covering is perfect for one of my rooms. Thanks so much for taking the pic and posting it!

  11. My sister in laws all shop their for clothes, so I had NO IDEA that they sold anything else for the longest time. So I never went in. Then PW gave away these cute measuring bowls that were in the shape of flowers and said they were from Anthropologie, so I looked it up on line and fell IN LOVE!!

  12. I was in there when Craig & I had our shopping date. I thought of you when I saw the plates. Liz buys me things for the kitchen there and they are always pretty. Kay