Caesars Palace

Grant is learning about Greek and Roman mythology in school right now, so when he had a day off from school last week, I thought it would be fun to take him to Caesar's Palace and let him look at all the statues there.
He really loved it.
Grant has his own camara now and took millions of pictures. Several times during the day he thanked me for taking him and told me he was having so much fun. He's a great kid!
And look who we saw while we were there!
Dan Marino was there signing autographs.
He was very tan.
Levi loved getting up close to this aquarium.
It was so cool every time the fish swam right in front of him.
Loved this chandelier in front of one of the Forum shops inside Caesar's. We didn't go inside as everything in sight was breakable.
I loved this lantern. Isn't it gorgeous?!


  1. We stayed next door at the Mirage several years ago. I was getting over surgery, but I slowly walked up and down that beautiful corrider at Caesar's Palace so many times.
    I was amazed at the statues and loved when they did their animation shows.

    Grant and Levi are so cute. Isn't is a blessing to have such good, healthy kideos! And a huge blessing for them to have you as their mom.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day together! Love that your son is taking his own pictures. So fun to see what they think is "cool"

    I wouldn't pass up a couple of lanterns like that for my house - beautiful!

  3. I stayed at Caesars a couple of summers ago while attending a conference. I was marvelous. Ate a couple of times at a delicious sushi/fusion sort of place. Most delicious sea bass EVER!

  4. What a wonderful outing! Levi was so cute with the fish! Grant will now have great memories with his Mama, brother and his camera!
    smiles, alice

  5. Fun day! How great to get to see that while studying it!
    Hugs, Lisa