Home Tour

I thought it might be fun to show you what houses look like in Las Vegas. They're quite different than in some other parts of the country. The houses are always stucco, lots of synthetic stone accents and almost no lawns.

This house is a favorite of mine that I pass when I'm driving home from Costco. The wood doors are loveley as are the stone arches.

This house has a storybook quality to it.

To bad the landscape is half dead.

I love this door!

I pass this house when I'm on my daily, monthly, quartely walk.

This is an older home because you aren't even allowed to have grass in your front yard anymore in Las Vegas.

Great Mesquite tree. Nice, full, desert landscaping.

Another cute house, another front yard gone to pot.

Well I hope you had fun on your tour. Have a great week-end!


  1. Some of these are different than what I would have imagined, Lisa! I was surprised to see the brick. I guess stucco is mainly what I think of in desert states. I can understand the no front lawn law; I would imagine it takes a lot of water to keep lawns green there. When we have our really hot and humid days, I'm always concerned about watering more.

  2. I really enjoyed the tour Lisa. I should have realized no lawns. I think more of us should think about how much water it really takes.....just for green lawns. I like the look of the zero
    landscape. Have a great weekend.
    smiles, alice
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Beautiful entryways. Love the wooden doors.
    - Suzanne
    Just Another Hang Up

  4. Lisa, I loves the part about the quarterly walk....lol. I am in LV for about week every June. I work a conference called the World Tea Expo. I'll never forget the first time I landed at the airport. It was like another world. I am hooked now. Its such a beautiful place :)

  5. You were right Lisa - they don't make homes like that around here! It's so interesting to see the different styles of homebuilding from around the country. Here in Jersey it is mostly 2-story. They almost NEVER build new construction ranch homes in this area.
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  6. Oh Lisa, these are very beautiful homes. We don build with stucco accents here, but not like this.
    The last house we built was a beautiful 4 bedroom rancher and it was quite expensive here. Most people in Pa build 2 story homes.

    I understand the lawn rule. I have actually thought about doing more of that in my yard. When you think of how much gas and water it takes to maintain a lawn, it is amazing...

    Have a blessed weekend.