Our Red Rock Hike

For the first time I took both of the boys on a hike. I knew the trail wasn't stroller friendly so Levi rode in a back carrier. Notice how the sign says Children's Discovery Trail. Well come along with me and tell me what you think about that.
Here's Grant starting out. See how nice and flat the trail starts out.
Then things got a "little" rocky.
Then we had to climb UP these boulders!
And yes, walk through a stream on slippery rocks. Remember I had my baby on my back! I am so thankful I brought the walking sticks.
But it was all worth it when we got to the waterfall. It was so beautiful.
Grant got to go behind the waterfall.
He loved it!
Some of the beautiful red rocks of the southwest.
This is a Manzanita plant.
Manzanita means "little apple" in Spanish. The bush gets small fruits that resemble apples. The wildlife like to eat them.
The Anasazi and Paiute Indians used to visit this area and there are some pictographs painted on the rock.
Grant is "king of the mountain!"
I took this picture over my shoulder. Levi liked touching the rock along the way.
Levi has always loved the outdoors and was very happy to be along for the ride.
All tuckered out.


  1. What great pictures and it looks like y'all had a great time! Love the oneof Levi over your shoulder and Grant "holding" that boulder up!!

    Great memories for all -

  2. Who knew Grant was so strong?

  3. Oh Lisa...
    How beautiful was the scenery. I love the picture of Levi asleep in the pack. I am sure he too had a great time.

    I work for the BLM in Phoenix at the National Training Center. I so wish when our signs said Children's Discovery Trails that they also had an age on them. I believe they are meant for school age children but, ages would be helpful. Please contact your local BLM office and request that an age be added to the trail as far as difficulty for climbing and etc. We so appreciate all comments.

    Yes I am so thankful that you had walking sticks with you.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. What a beautiful hike! Grant looks pretty neat behind the waterfall and Levi does look like he was thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. I don't blame him for falling asleep though ~ that looks like a lot of walking! : )

  5. WOW! You go! Carrying that back pack may have just about killed me! :) Looks like you had a lovely time with your boys. I love the pictures!

  6. Beautiful! And such a fun family activity! I can't wait until it actually warms up and stops raining so that we can go out exploring Texas!!

  7. I was just talking with a friend today about taking my two boys up to see the waterfall! After seeing your beautiful pics - I'm definitely going soon.

  8. How adventuresome! The boys must be thrilled to have a mom who likes to get out and do things like that. Great photos!